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Listed at the bottom of this post, you will find an ongoing list of installments of Inez’s Clippings. I hope you find them heartwarming. Grandma would have loved that!

The little yellow box
The little yellow box

A couple weeks ago, my mother lent me a treasure box that had belonged to my grandmother, Inez. I was told I might as well see what I could do with it. So I have archived each and every piece inside and had a deep thought process of what I would do with them. I’ve come to the conclusion that these need to be shared before the yellowing of the paper crumbles and all is lost.

Grandma thought each clipping was worthwhile. It was during her early years teaching in Iowa that she began saving these, around 1925 and into 1940’s -roughly. I feel as the family blogger, I’m meant to give my family a glimpse of her personality (for those who never got to know her) through all of these tidbits she so carefully protected in this little yellow box. I also feel it’s going to be a labor of love from her to all of us who cherished her so. I think she’d be extremely pleased.

And so this Mother’s Day, I’m sharing a poem from this stash put aside for future generations. Thank you Mom for allowing me this priviledge! Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother's Day poem
Mother’s Day poem

The Entries

  1. To Dr. Alex
  2. Sunday Funny
  3. Doctorly Advice
  4. Mrs. Lafferty and Mrs. O’Hara
  5. Fairy Tale
  6. Gather up the Sunbeams
  7. Tree Toad Tongue Twister
  8. Not an Idle Thing
  9. Daily Smiling
  10. The Water Dipper
  11. Poor, Potatoes and Molasses
  12. Sleep Deprivation
  13. Pepper Chicken
  14. ‘Miss’ Understood
  15. Exceeded the Stop Limit
  16. Uncle Neal
  17. Herdin’ em’ Up
  18. A Week in Autumn
  19. Stretching a Dollar
  20. Scatter Sunshine
  21. Big Washout
  22. Plenty Smart
  23. What Are Ya Huntin
  24. Our Best Wishes
  25. Sweet Year Before Thee
  26. Why Sneak Up On ‘Em
  27. Q&A with a Blogger Award
  28. Sand on the Track
  29. Kicked
  30. Just Made Over
  31. The Water Jug
  32. Summer’s Ice
  33. Page 2 of the Day Book
  34. Page 3 of the Day Book
  35. The Fog Has Finally Lifted
  36. More of a Giver
  37. Big Event
  38. This Is Merry Christmas!
  39. No One is Replaceable
  40. Bellflower in the Cradle

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