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Don’t you think there are plenty of crafted items to go around? I mean I am of the opinion that there are never enough people learning the old traditions of sewing, crocheting, knitting, woodworking, etc. Well last year at a certain craft show mother and I attended, there was a very memorable vender across from us. We were ‘blessed’ (I wouldn’t have used that word at the time) to be placed across from this crafter who was selling similar items to mine. As the day went along the crafter bent quite a few rules which we observed with a fair amount of awe. We watched her step out into the traffic lane of people to begin conversations which was pretty bold on its own. Next, we listened to her raise her voice to auctioneer level. Bear in mind there was a good level of Christmas music playing to add to the atmosphere so yeah, she was pretty loud. And as the crowds increased after a parade, she physically pulled people into her booth space. It got to the point where folks were veering towards our booth and avoiding eye contact with this vendor. We had never experienced this before and I have to say it became very entertaining. Especially when the result was some great sales.

Rules even children understand
Rules even children understand

There are rules at this and many venues that you Never tear down/pack up before the designated time. We watched the lady in charge walking around, visibly making mental notes on who was not obeying this rule. The little town we were in has very deep German roots and traditions and I could just tell how much the lady was fuming at the total disregard to this rule specifically. When I say German, it conjures images of very neat, orderly gardens, perfect painted picket fences and a very no-nonsense lifestyle. Except for beer drinking occasions. Lol But I wouldn’t know -eye roll inserted.

Hope to make short work of this pile by end of Tuesday PM
Hope to make short work of this pile by end of Tuesday PM

So we are wondering if the vendor across the way from us will be invited back this year and if we’ll get the pleasure of sitting across from her?  I will have to keep you posted. In the meantime, I;ve shared above a photo of one of my behemoth piles of unfinished items to, hopefully, have for sale by Saturday. Yes, buring the midnight oil this week. Also, please enjoy this Inez’s Clippings and may you make it to the weekend effortlessly.



  1. My mom always said that there is a lid for every pot! So everyone has their favorite craft! Sounds like a very interesting time. I hope you did well and I’ll be up burning the midnight oil thinking I’m not alone! 😅

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