The Trouble With Weather/Inez’sClippings

Wed. Feb 26, 1930 It was clear and warmer, again, today. I took some pictures at school, today.

Thurs. Feb. 27, 1930 I went to Carl Loy’s to stay all night. Weather is fine. Muriel took me to the dentist.

Fri. Feb. 28, 1930 It had rained this morning and Helen, Lenore, and I had to walk to school. I had to wear Mary’s coat and overshoes as I didn’t take my overshoes and only wore my sweater. I came home this evening. It is getting colder.

Sat. March 1, 1930 March surely came in like a “lion”. It was cold today. Mother went over to Grandma D’s to stay all night. George Phillips moved, today. Dad helped them.

Pg. 28— Grandma’s Day Journal– My Hunter Family Collection

Family lore tells that Inez wasn’t too crazy about staying at certain homes during her first years in teaching. Something to do with some expecting more that what the paid room and board entailed. You know how a boss expects more than your pay grade? Most of us do what we’re told at work, but it does get old to be taken advantage of. It also sounds like she wasn’t too thrilled about borrowing coat/overshoes but had little choice. Midwest weather is not too predictable now, much less back then. Those 2 she walked to school with may have been children from the home she boarded at. And I would imagine getting a break from the kids come the weekends was something she really looked forward to.

Going home is something I associate homemade quilts with. And one thing you may not know about Winterset, Iowa, Inez’s birthplace, is that it’s the home of the Iowa Quilt Museum. The last time I was in Winterset, there was no museum. It was likely the JCPenney store at that time (late 90’s). The museum opened in 2015.

Maybe this is a good moment to mention I’ve added another row to my selvage quilt. The #sewthescrapoutofmarch challenge is still coming along fine. No pictures this post. We spent last evening playing catch-up after a tornado warning. Hopes that it would veer to our north were dashed when the sirens began wailing. So your photos today are some weather-related ones. No touch downs here, just had to hunker down and be weather aware. And tonight, they’re calling for snow possibilities. Midwest weather is such a roller coaster.

I have always loved that dark shade of blue next to a golden yellow field….minus the lightning. #nofilter
View from my sister’s front yard about 5 miles west of my home.Thanks Sis for the photo donation!


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