Thimble and Buttons/Inez’sClippings

stayed all night. Catherine and I went up to Winterset with Dad. He took Wayne’s radio back.

Mon. March 24, 1930 Only 9 more weeks of school. I’ll get my check this week. Time surely flies. I came to school this morning. I got to Muriel’s about 6:30. We came early because it looked like it would rain a lot.

Tues. March 25, 1930. It snowed last night. It is cooler, today.

Wed. March 26, 1930. Only 8 weeks of school after this week. I have written some applications. I hope I get Karson or Happy Hollow as they are close to home.

Pg. 33— Grandma’s Day Journal– My Hunter Family Collection

Midwest winter has a hard time giving up. That was the case for them in 1930 and it’s still the case today. A snow squall last Tuesday got everyone’s attention and pretty sure everyone let out a sigh of relief that it all melted by the end of the day. Saw our first hummingbird this morning, so to us, that is a sure sign of spring finally arriving. Was able to visit with my niece who returned from Japan on the back porch Saturday morning. Grandma Hunter would have been so interested in hearing about her 2 1/2 years there. Coming home in time for spring would have seemed so appropriate to her as it has been for our family. We did some serious catching up that morning and she also came by with a couple little items that she thought I’d like. She was correct! Love ’em!

Thimble & Buttons from Okinawa, Japan

I have a thimble collection that Dear Niece didn’t know about. Score 1 point for her. And those buttons will be lovely to put on a shawl. Better than a shawl pin. Those can get lost. Score 2 points! Seems like a win to me.


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