The Fog Has Finally Lifted/Day Journal pg 4

Page 4 of the Day Journal
Page 4 of the Day Journal

Tues, Dec. 17, 1929

The fog has finally lifted although it is still cloudy. But it is colder with a little snow in the air. A week from tonight is ‘Old Santy Claus’ night. “It won’t be long now.” We will have a week of vacation. I hope it seems pretty long but I’m afraid it won’t seem very long, but it may even at that.

Wed. Dec. 18, 1929

The sun peeked through the clouds today! It is quite cold. It snowed last night, and was almost “blizzarding” this morning. I got a letter from Ruby. She said she thought she would get home in time to come to our program. I hope she does.

Thurs. Dec. 19, 1929

Our program is getting……(to be contd.)

Grandma’s Day Journal –My Hunter Family Collection

Do any of you American continent readers keep a journal? Weather is a common topic I’d venture to say. But even more current would be all the smoke from fires out West. Sunsets are phenominal but breathing can be an issue for those sensitive to pollutants. I want to make a point here that masks are good for other things as well. Whodathunk?!

Seems like this is a good time to point out to the world how grateful I am for the Etsy shop sales and my customers for the last 7 months. I have earned a respectable amount of income from mask sales and it has been a very humbling experience. I have met a lot of people out there through the messages, kind reviews, not-so-kind reviews and even from some phone orders. It has been quite a learning experience as well. The simple fact that I didn’t have to file for any assistance with unemployment benefits or small business loans was something I never saw coming. Etsy has always been my little hobby, but boy did folks come through for me when things looked bleak!! Closing the daycare for 6 months was necessary for my husbands health and I truly didn’t know how we were going to manage. Hours upon hours were spent sewing. Between you, me and the fencepost, sewing for hours is not good on the back and shoulders. Might mean I need a new chair?

So, before I close this post, I have to thank the people who took a chance in purchasing from me, the repeat customers, friends & family customers, my loving husband who kept me supplied in fabric and thread doing the online ordering (no small feat with shortages all over), Mom and Grandma for teaching me those sewing skills in my younger years and the Good Lord above. What a ride it’s been!

Just in….a great meme from some FaceBook friends that fits todays theme. Thanks Steve n Kim!


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