28 Below/Inez’sClippings

Previously: At Henry Field’s the temperature

this morning was 28 below. I got an order from Sears, Roebuck. I sent an order to Montgomery Ward’s this morning.

Thurs. Jan 23, 1930

The wind is blowing the snow some, again. It seems to be warmer, though. It may not drift so much if it gets warmer. I hope it does warm up a little.

Fri. Jan 24, 1930

I came home this evening. Aunt Laura Davis died this morning. I got an order from Montgomery Ward’s this morning.

Sat. Jan 25, 1930

I spent today getting my clothes fixed up to take back to school with me. I saw Dad’s new suit. It’s really pretty. It was somewhat warmer today, although it isn’t anyways hot yet.

Pg. 18— Grandma’s Day Journal– My Hunter Family Collection

As we head into the heart of winter here in the US, I shiver at the mention of 28 below. ‘Too much, too much!”, as one of my daycare children used to say. His name was Noah and he’s now a nearly an adult. Noah was my free, spirit kiddo, though. Always wore boots to daycare, even in the heat of summer. He might’ve been meant for the 28 below climates.

Speaking of 28 below, I have been cozying up in my chair with my crochet the last few evenings when it’s only been a measly 28 above here. Lately I’ve decided to try and find a pattern that will use up the nearly 3 skeins of orange I aquired in September. Only needed 1—but there was a sale, soooo, now I’ve decided I should make good use of them. I’m trying to decide on a orange and gray combo and this is what I’m looking at that appeals to me. Via Pinterest of course…..

Here are my 2 blocks in the “orange”, unblocked. Not at all like the photos I perused. But the color scheme is possible with the yarn I have stashed away. A block a day will have a decent sized throw by the time winter is over…if I’m not side-tracked.



  1. I had to work out what 28 below was in Celsius – it’s -17.6! The coldest I’ve ever experienced (on a winter trip to Moscow) was about -11, and that was far too cold for my liking, so I can’t imagine how -17 would feel!!

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