Big Purchase/Inez’sClippings

Previous page: Wed. March 12, 1930. I wrote an application for the home school this evening. Herbert Berry was elected as……

director. I found out the names of some other directors. It was a beautiful day.

Thurs. March 13, 1930. After this week there will be only 10 more weeks of school. It was a little cooler today but clear.

Fri. March 14, 1930. I came home today.


Sat. March 22, 1930 Dad, Dean and I went to Creston this afternoon. He got a radio. An Atwater Kent at a sale. We saw Harry and Elsie Martin.They are living in Creston.

Sun. March 23, 1930. I came to grandma’s with Mother last night &……

Pg. 32— Grandma’s Day Journal– My Hunter Family Collection

Counting down the days until school’s out is a universal pastime. (According to Webster’s I spelled ‘pastime’ correctly) And looking forward to summer break should make any teacher smile. She’s skipped writing for a brief spell between March 14 and March 22. No indication that anything is amiss. But on the 22nd , it appears her wishes have been realized at the sale they attended. Remember this is 1930, the Depression has just began and people are selling out, moving to the cities to find work, and even prized possessions like a radio were fair game. I looked for an image of a Atwater Kent from 1929. Not sure what age the radio they acquired was, but it was used and was no newer than 1929. So here are some photos of a radio of the period and a photo donated by my Aunt of Creston Iowa in 1995; about 65 years after the big radio purchase. Also for good measure I’m including a photo of my Uncle Dean, his wife Betty, my two aunts and my mother. Likely taken about 1995 as well at a family get-together–picnic.

The radio ad reads: “Your radio and your home–now they just suit each other!” Atwater Kent even had a Sunday evening radio hour as well as a Mid-week, Thursday evening program.

Even with the addition of the radio in their home, Inez still collected clippings throughout her life. Adding another one this week. Good food for thought.



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