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Page 67
page 67

for a visit. Ben & George also came in George’s car.

Last week of September 1941 ~~~ About the 25 or 26th of Sept. I went to work for Hazel Marti who had a baby girl. Worked there a month. After I came home, Mark & Lena came for a week’s visit, also Bert, Evelyn and Norman Young for 2 days. While Youngs were there we went to the lake at Warsaw 1 afternoon which all enjoyed very much. Mark came to look for a place but couldn’t find one.

About the middle of Nov. 1941~~. I started to work for Conway Scott’s near Sedalia, who had a baby boy born to them. I worked for them until about Jan 6, 1942, then went home.

Pg. 67— Grandma’s Day Journal– My Hunter Family Collection

I’ve decided that Hazel Marti is likely Martin but to keep it in line with her journal entry, I left it as is in my transcription. You just never know in chronicaled writing, so better to be on the safe side.

It seems like many came to visit the newlyweds during those first months of marriage. And one apparently contemplated moving here. Probably would have, except he couldn’t find somewhere to live. Or maybe he wasn’t really trying very hard. Sedalia and the outlying area in 1941 was well-populated. The census reads 20, 428. The most recent census reads 21,725. And to be honest, there are plenty of places to rent still. Your pocketbook might not like the price though. I imagine that was the real culprit for Mark—Sticker shock.

And my-oh-my, how times have Not changed. We are suffering through sticker shock the likes that haven’t been seen since Inez’s pre-marriage years. Are we living through another Great Depression? Let’s hope the laws put in place during the 1930’s will keep this current boat afloat. And let us keep careful watch on how the current elected officials handle the helm. I know I will.

And speaking of keeping watch, I’m currently under quarantine with my hubs and youngest daughter. Caught the newest, latest, greatest version of Covid. I’ve been vaxed & boosted but still having a time. Mainly body aches, fever that keeps on giving and cough. Today’s (Monday) Day 4 wake up temp was 102. Waiting game has begun on a return call from the doctor’s office. We shall see if the new antiviral med is for me. And maybe I’ll tell you all about it, if it’s prescribed. Til then, I’m prescribing some photos of some of my latest makes from the sewing room.

Some July 2022 Makes
Some July 22 Makes

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