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Page 58

driving west a ways we stopped at a house which proved to be our new neighbors Tonje’s who lived 1 mile south of our place. They insisted that we stay the rest of the night there as our lane was so muddy to try to get in that night. We had met the truck on our way back east so he stayed there too.

Sat. March 2, 1940 ~~~A cloudy morning, but warm. Had rained in the night. The truck could not get up to the house, so Mr. Tonjes, and Ike Gregory moved our things to the house in their wagons. It rained most of the morning.

Sun. March 3, 1940~~~Had company this P.M. Mr & Mrs. Buchanan and 2 boys, Billy and Garry came up.

____________About Middle of March,______________ Soon after we moved here, went to….

Pg. 58— Grandma’s Day Journal– My Hunter Family Collection

Neighborly definition: having or showing qualities befitting a neighbor; friendly.

The definition says ‘friendly’. But the efforts of the people helping Inez and her parents move into their new home are describing something more than just friendly. Can you find one person, let alone 2 in this day and age, that would hook up 2 wagons being pulled by horses or mules and move your furniture and other belongings in the rain, along a muddy lane? Was there payment? Maybe a nice meal at some point, or possibly some cash for their help. But this had to be an absolute mess to move in! And these conditions were very difficult. And just in case you didn’t think ahead, my grandparents were likely stuck there until the mud dried up a bit. Maybe they parked their car at the end of the lane. One would hope so. But then, even walking up a muddy lane doesn’t sound appealing. I hope they each owned a good pair of rubber boots.

Since the first of the year, I’ve been trying to organize my fabric stash. One way I’ve been succeeding is by taking my scrap tubs (sorted by color), and making either 5 inch blocks, 3 inch blocks, or strips that are 1.5 inches wide.

The Blues

One block that I could make with the 5 inch or 3 inch blocks is called Next Door Neighbor. I’ve got red, pink and blue sorted so far.

From Pinterest

I have made a similar block before called The Friendship Star.

Blast from the Past Circa 2009

Hope to see you again for the next segment of Inez’s Clippings.


  1. That is definitely being a good neighbour! I don’t know how it was in the US but here in the UK in the early stages of the pandemic there seemed to be an increase in such community spirit. People were offering to shop for others, check neighbours were OK, volunteer for charities etc. It was good to see!

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