Wedding Bells/Inez’sClippings

Page 68

Fri. January 30, 1942 ~~~ Glenn & I were married at the Baptist parsonage at Warsaw by Rev. Mustaine. When we started from home it was raining, and had turned to snow by the time we started back home. The snow stuck to the windshield and made driving difficult. We went to my folks’ to stay all night after Glenn went down to the place and did his chores.

Sat. Jan. 31, 1942 ~~~ The snow had drifted by morning making some of the roads impassable for a car, so Glenn walked over to the place to do the chores, then brought his team and wagon back to get my things. The first night in our own home.

Pg. 68— Grandma’s Day Journal– My Hunter Family Collection

Inez was 30 and Glenn was 31 on their wedding day. There may be a wedding photo somewhere in a cache of photos in the family, but I don’t have it currently. I will certainly post it if it ever materializes. But until then, I found some common wedding attire of the year 1942 when so many were rushing weddings due to WWII. Thank you Pinterest.

The dresses/coat dress in green are the styles I’d picture Inez wearing. I say this knowing what dresses she used to allow us granddaughters to play dress-up in. She may prove me wrong in a photo, but I feel like she would have wanted a dress she could get many uses out of, not a white wedding dress. Practicality was the sign of the times for many war brides.

And in my own repertoire of made items, I’m sharing a little something I made upon request. My niece found a pattern online. It was free, but the request required that I enlarge the pattern significantly. Thank heaven for Staples who did the enlargement effortlessly for me. And thank heaven again that it was paper-pieceable. The original was numbered and forgive me that I don’t quite know who the first creator was. Sometimes it’s hard to tell online. But I did not make the pattern and I want to be clear that it was a gift. No profit on my part. I am kinda proud of the final result though because paper piecing is Not my strongsuit. The fact that it turned out at all is a miracle. The silver lining……. I am feeling more confident at paper piecing, I am ready to tackle my bigger quilts on the machine rather than lap-quilting by hand and I realize I’m not putting my embroidery module to use enough. So watch out world!!

My niece chose the fabrics. I added a few extras for depth and contrast on the Death Star. She went with the lime green thread color to reference Yoda. Plus it stands out so well against the black starry fabric. Reverse is a gray speckled fabric. Black binding to finish.


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