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March 5, 1933

March 5, 1933

Yesterday we heard the inaugural ceremonies for President Roosevelt on the radio. He made a very short speech.

All the banks in the state were closed yesterday and will remain closed until they receive orders to open again. They will probably open within 2 or 3 days; we hope so at least. There are only 6 states that have not given this order to the banks to suspend business. Arlie said he supposed that these 6 states were left to act as pall bearers for the others.

Pg. 45— Grandma’s Day Journal– My Hunter Family Collection

Another lapse in time—skipping to Inauguration Day. In 1933, the inauguration was in March, which I honestly think is a much better timeframe when you consider the bitter cold ceremonies they’ve held in January. The 20th Amendment switched the day to January 20 in 1937. However, two parades were canceled due to weather in 1833 and 1985. So that being said, if weather becomes an issue, it won’t matter if it snows in January or if there’s surprise spring storm. Putting new presidents into office as soon as possible is clearly the goal. It’s not a huge surprise that the amendment passed during the Great Depression when so much was in trouble—banks, farms, livelihoods. What a time to live through!

There is one revelation that I found funny. I may have my grandmother’s dry sense of humor. The 6 states left to act as pall bearers is definitely something I’d repeat. Who can blame her?! With such dark days, a little humor can go a long way.

For some Depression Era humor, Betty Boop was a household name in 1933. Here’s a little YouTube of her…..

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And some Betty Boop masks in the Etsy Shop……

Fun Design!


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