Feb. 14 – 17, 1930/Inez’s Clippings

Fri. Feb. 14, 1930

Valentine’s Day! I got 8 Valentine’s from the “kids” at school. I came home this evening. It snowed all day, today is colder.

Sat. Feb. 15, 1930

The sun was shining this morning. It got warmer.

Sun. Feb. 16, 1930

All of Friday’s snow is gone. We stayed home. I made some fudge.

Mon. Feb. 17, 1930

Back again! Time surely does fly. This is the beginning of the 23rd week of school for me. School will soon be through; at least if goes like past time has…..

Pg. 24— Grandma’s Day Journal– My Hunter Family Collection

One of the finer points of Valentine’s Day is the candy! And I’m about to give you a little pointer in making homemade fudge. Notice the day Inez made hers, the weather was warmer and sun shining. There is a definite risk involved on fudge ‘setting up’ where weather is concerned. If you are under a high pressure system, you know, the big H on a weather map?, your batch will nearly always set — meaning, it will be hard enough to cut up, pick up and eat. Otherwise, you may have a soft fudge that is sticky and you may end up eating with a fork or spoon. I mean if that’s your thing, go for it. But I like to share some as well as eat a little bit. Sharing is caring and Valentine’s Day is about showing your love. So just plan ahead and you’ll be pleased with your efforts. And needless to say, so will the recipient.

New Hope No.7 (top) and 4th,5th,& 6th grade (bottom) both 1930.

And with Valentine’s Day ahead, thinking this would make a great Date Night accompaniment. Not just for hot bowls of soup or chili. Nope. When the outside temps are in the single digits or less, these are just the thing for a scoop or two of ice cream and some hot fudge. Again, there’s that fudge word. Sweets for my Sweet!

Bowl Cozy set from the Etsy Shop

I appreciate your visits as always!! And remember, eat ice cream for daily happiness!!



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