When Inez Met Glenn/Inez’sClippings

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Previous page……Soon after we moved here, went to……

a party at Ficken’s. Met several neighbors, Glenn Hunter, Helen Roehrs & 2 sons, Harold Roehrs, and Clinkenbeard girls. Buchanan’s and Gowin’s were there too.

Fri. April 5, 1940 ~~~Went to the P.T.A at the Bennett Schoolhouse. I played 2 numbers on the accordian; also Mr. Edgner, who moved into the district from Kansas, played the accordian. We met many people, and all were so nice to us.

Sun. Apr. 7, 1940~~~We went to church 2 miles east of home (Antioch Baptist Church) for the first time. As usual, everyone was very friendly.

Pg. 59— Grandma’s Day Journal– My Hunter Family Collection

There was so much packed into these three small entries! A party where Grandma met Grandpa met! This is top of the list in my opinion. Was it love at first sight? Then a P.T.A meeting, playing her accordian, meeting a fellow accordian player. The music gene comes from Inez and happy to say I inherited it. And finally, church attendance at Antioch. Inez became a member there and was until she passed in 1978. She always took her grandchildren along. If our mothers were exhausted from their workweek, she was standing at the ready to gather all of us . Sunday School, Worship Service, Bible School, Parties, or Pot Luck Dinners—we went along.

This week I’m sharing a platt map from 1930. The one from 1940 is not yet free so, sorry, you get the free version. But I’ve circled the general location of their new home and Bennett School. V. Buchanan and I.Z.Gregory are the property owners south of the Reeds (who, remember, aren’t on this map yet). Manila in bold print to the right of the blue are is the location of Antioch Baptist Church. I’d love to take you for a drive down these dirt roads, but we’ll wait for sunnier weather. Snowing and hazardous driving conditions here in Mid-Missouri on this Groundhog Day 2022. Until then, that blue links will give you a few photos to view. Manila School was demolished just recently. Both Bennett and Manila were one-room schoolhouses.

Light Blue Area Designates the Reed’s Home and Bennett School

So I’ve decided to share some friendship news from my week. Got a lovely letter, hand delivered by her mother. Raining kept Miss Em in the car. 🙂 Seems like a writing kind of day. Now to decide, just what would a 1st grader like to have in her card?? A surprise of course!


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