No One is Replaceable/ Inez’s Clippings

From Previous pg. Sun, Dec. 29,1929 We went over to Fae’s today.

Pg.8 Doll’s and Faith and Charlie were there too. Doll gave me 2 handkerchiefs.

Mon. Dec. 30, 1929. Back to school, again! Dad brought me this morning.

Fri. Jan. 3, 1930. Dad came after me this afternoon. Catherine came down with him and Dean. I got my check. Got in town just as they closed the bank. Catherine is staying all night with us.

Sat. Jan. 4, 1930. We went over to Grandma Davis’s this PM, or rather, mother and dad did. Dean and I stayed at Ann’s. I stayed with Catherine & went to town with them.

Pg. 8 — Grandma’s Day Journal– My Hunter Family Collection

After a little conversation with my mother during naptime this afternoon, I learned a few things. Doll (aka Dorothy) is one of Inez’s aunts, she had twin daughters – Fae and Faith. Catherine is another one of the cousins. I’m going to have to ask about Charlie. I’m going to stop there to keep it simple. The only other thing I’ll add is that Dean and Inez (siblings) were 12 years apart in age. So Inez, being 17 in 1930, left Dean to be 5 at this writing. Inez and Dean were the only children in their immediate family.

One thing that comes to mind with all these names is a certain new addition to our family. Last week our rather large family welcomed another baby girl. She’s been named Stella. I love that these old names are returning! It’s just a wonderful thing in my humble opinion. I was happy to answer a request once again for another baby afghan for this sweet bundle and I have a photo of baby, her big sisters and blankie to share. Isn’t she just precious??!!

Being from a very large extended family who truly enjoy each others’ company, it’s been hard during this pandemic staying away from each other. But we’ve canceled our family reunion twice (some had hope we’d be ok by September) and I’m personally bowing out of handing out candy this Halloween. No I’m not bending to the ‘establishment’. So take that and put it on your plate! I care for high risk families and we are a high risk family. Seriously, no one is replaceable. Bottom line.

Thanks so much for visiting and feel free to come back anytime.

‘Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground outside your Father’s care. And even the very hairs of your head are all numbered. So don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows,’ says Jesus in Matthew 10:29-31


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