The Water Jug/Inez’sClippings

I’m sure that this poem above reminded my grandmother of her farm life. I’m certain of it because in her home, there was a water dipper that hung next to the sink. We all took big gulps of water from it — without washing it between uses. Gasp! It was white enamel with a long handle and a hole in the top for hanging from an old nail. I cannot imagine how many of us drank from it. And the well water was unfiltered, flowing from a tap that only had cold water coming from it. The hot water had to be heated on the oven for washing the dishes. And we hardly ever got sick. Are we too clean these days?

Photo from Pinterest

So speaking of clean, I made a decision early on in the Pandemic to do some self-help-creating in the way of making myself some paper-free items. These Snack Napkins are my use of extra fabric that will eliminate the bigger dependence on paper napkins during mealtimes. These aren’t just for suppertime anymore. I will have these available for breakfast, lunch and snacktimes as well. How about parties? I’ll be creating fun, themed varieties for those celebrations. Single-use, absorbent and economical are all adjectives I’ll list for them. Creating a fabric ‘basket’ that is able to contain the overflowing number I’ll have in it daily will be my next endeavor. This little wire version just isn’t making the cut.

No more paper napkins

Self reliance is something we could all use a little more of when there are shortages of so many things these days. I can think of so many ways my grandparents took being frugal to the next level. But then again, they survived the Great Depression. In the future I just may have to look back on things I remember from their way of living. Have you had to get creative in weathering the shortages lately?


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