Yarn Calculating/ Sunday Sampler

Sunday SamplerFile_006 (2)

Lotus Blossom is the name of this variegated cotton yarn I used for another one of those cotton crocheted washcloths. I don’t know how many colors of lotus flowers there are, but I think this is a pretty combination of colors.


I am disappointed that there wasn’t enough for 2 entire washcloths. But thankfully the white edging is making it complete without having to make a trip to buy more. How is it they don’t always put the same amount in each skein? I’ve made so-o-o many of these, I joke that if I went blind, I’d be able to make these better than reading braille. File_008

The yellow had a couple more ounces on the skein so I was able to make a trio.

Could be a great time to calculate whether I should buy bigger versus smaller skeins. But then an artist can never have enough paint, right?!

Instrument For Unsale/ WPC


We have a few spare instruments around our home. There’s my banjo collection; three of them. The eldest daughter has some guitars. One in particular was converted from a classical guitar to a dobro with a simple five dollar metal insert. Then the youngest daughter has a couple mandolins. Finally we were at three violins until we tried our hand at selling one. It sold. But due to personal circumstances that I won’t go into, the buyer asked if we would be interested in buying it back. I did. Not a problem.


Now I’m going to try to find the Spare time to practice a little more.

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Decipher This


File_000 (5) While digging through the button stash, these popped out at me. They are vintage and real wooden buttons. There’s also a note ‘written to self’ along one side.

File_001 (3)

I can read “Cabinet Making WK for ????”

I wonder if you can decipher it? I enlarged the pic so you can see it better as well as the grain in the buttons. Now what can I use them for??




Do you remember your earliest childhood friend? Mine was Charlene. She was my babysitter’s only child and we were as close to siblings as she would ever have. We had tea parties with playdoh French fries, Barbie doll and paper doll afternoons when the ‘little kids’ were napping, listening to ‘The Monkeys’ on her record player, swimming in the kiddie pool for hours, waiting for Patsy to bring us popsicles and sitting around watching “Dark Shadows” before it was time for my mom to pick me up.

This photo was taken a couple days ago and brought back a waterfall of memories of my early years phase. I hope you lend some precious memories to the little ones in your life. Thankful for mine.

I Say Love, It Is a Flower/Sunday Sampler

thread colors

With so many colors to choose from, the possibilities are pretty endless for the project mother brought by this week.

Mothers Rose

Here is the framed view of her table runner she’d like me to add a crocheted border to. I only have to decide on the thread size and color and the pattern choice. No pressure. I’ll probably stick with white though. Be on the lookout for it in completed form in a future Sunday Sampler.

Autumn leaves

And speaking of thread color, I’m lovin’ this cotton thread the hubby was unswayable about in his preference on the shelf. I’m so glad he influenced my purchase.

I invite you to link here with your handmade creations. I’d love to see what you’ve made!

She Said Yes!/ WPC


Jubilant, adjective: showing great joy, satisfaction, or triumph; rejoicing; exultant.Evette & Zach

I’m lucky to have a sister who loves taking photos and was ready at a moments notice when the fiance-to-be said, “I’m doing this today.”

Our family is absolutely ‘Jubilant’ for this couple!

Photo Credit: Barbi, my sister 🙂

Play on color: The proud Aunt, Me.

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A Stitch in Time Saves 9/Sunday Sampler

Sunday Sampler

This Sunday Sampler on a Monday, is how I spent the later half of my evening, and why this post is a few hours late. I would have been cross-eyed had I tried to post this last night. File_004.jpeg

A pile of bibs I’m trying to save. I have to believe that saying ‘A stitch in time saves nine’.


Using snaps


Removing some useless velcro. It has worn out beyond hope.

File_000 (2)

Well we’ve managed to save 5, not quite 9 ……..yet.

From a Couple Years Back/WPC


  • Replaced my old laptop.
  • Installed Word (time comsuming when they don’t let you buy a disk anymore)
  • Opened yet another email. I now have ???. Probably some floating around in cyberspace that are long forgotten.
  • And bookmarked sites again. Going to have to try to relocate those A to Z blogs I visited and promised to Revisit this coming year.

So are the woes of a computer that goes berserk.

And I Still had to use the old dinosaur desktop-with-a-tower, slow-as-molasses computer to find these pictures.

There were Matching-Pajama Christmases, Proud High School moments and the    Busting-Your-Rear-Ends to Help Mom at craft shows.

After the book store2

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Not a Space Blanket/Sunday Sampler

File_002 (3)

Nope. It’s not a space blanket.

File_000 (22)

It’s the Mother’s Day surprise from my daughter. We’d been to our town’s new Hobby Lobby recently and I’d pointed to the metal contraption you see here and said in passing that I could use one of those. It is a pair of pliers for plastic snaps. The ones in the store didn’t have the rainbow of colorful snaps you see here included. They were separate. Her economics degree came in handy since she found this All-in-one set with an awl and all those snaps.

File_001 (3)

And I just happened to have a bib hanging around that needed a fastener. This will be so much quicker that sewing on Velcro or a sew-on snap. Thank you Rachel!

Happy Mother’s Day!

My Country Doctor/WPC


On this day, between the global Earth Day celebration, and Mother’s Day in the United States, share your vision of our glorious Mother Earth.

Took a morning drive to see the Doc this morning. dr (2)

His office is a testament to his love of nature. Particularly fishing. We all love that about him. I’d probably call him a Tree Hugger. He’d probably agree.

Sitting there with 2 other patients, you have no sound other than the cars driving down the road in front of the office. There’s no radio playing and no one is on their cell phone per the “No Cell Phone Zone” sign request. You might hear a clop, clop of a horse-drawn buggy from the Mennonites who frequent town. They don’t let a computer answer their phone. You get a live person. And what sets him apart from most modern doctors is that he sees patients on a Saturday. Once he even met us at the office on a Sunday being young parents with a sick baby. He’s Salt-of-the-Earth and just good people as we like to say around here.

Our drive home …..5-7-16 (2)

Through a Windshield

5-7-16b (2)

And not.