Our Best Wishes/Inez’s Clippings

What do you do when someone requests you repair one of their grandmother’s heirlooms? Well you repair it of course! But sometimes you find out it won’t be as quick of a fix like you first thought. No matter. We’ve got this!

Family Heirloom

I can’t quite remember if this was created by grandmother, or great grandmother of the person I’m doing the repairs for? But isn’t it a beauty?! I couldn’t refuse this attempt.

The above photos are a few of the spots that have had attempts towards saving the tablecloth from further unraveling. I found at least 4 areas that I will be working on.

I’ve been fortunate that I’ve been to a few sales/auctions and have ‘enablers’ giving me crochet stuff over time. *I might keep stuff too long?* But in this case I’m happy to put it to good use.

Family heirlooms, even if they aren’t from your own family, are pretty precious. And if you’re asking why we should save them, I’ll tell ya. Family heirlooms tell the ‘story’. They’re part of our heritage, show the talent of our passed family members, the times they lived in and sometimes are part of a tradition that has been continued. I have a hunch this tablecloth has seen many gatherings and could tell a yarn or two. (sorry pun intended)

With only a few days ’til Christmas, I am happy to share a clipping (family heirloom) saved from my own grandmother, Inez.

Thanks for reading about this photo record of my latest project. For those celebrating Christmas, I hope you have a wonderful day, filled to the brim with wonderful memories!



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