Women’s Work, Never Done/Inez’sClippings

Contd. from pg. 24, at least if it goes as past time has….

gone it will seem soon. I don’t care so much about the time going, if only I can get done what I should. It seems like I get so little done.

Tues. Feb. 18, 1930 I learned today that we will probably have about 4 new pupils at school. It was warmer than ever today.

Wed. Feb. 19, 1930. The weather surely is nice. I am afraid it’s too nice to last though. Evison’s had their sale today. I sent an order to the Omaha School Supply Co.

Thurs. Feb. 20, 1930. Fair and warmer! Only not quite so fair as yesterday. I hope it doesn’t rain as I have to get to town to the…..to be contd.

Pg. 25— Grandma’s Day Journal– My Hunter Family Collection

And so it is with women’s work. Never done. I can’t tell how thrilled she was with the increase work associated with the addition of 4 new students. Her journals entries are pretty short, sweet and to the point. But I do have some more photos of her students to share. Last time I only shared a photo with 4 students that were the 5th and 6th grade.

Every age and size in the little one room schoolhouse. With the mixed ages, I guarantee there was plenty of help to go around. Inez utilized her skills with her grandchildren in later years when we were all gathered at her place after the schoolbus dropped us off. There were 5 to 6 of us every afternoon assembled there anticipating a snack and an afternoon cartoon on her black and white. When weather was nice, we’d be outdoors doing kid stuff. When not, we made do with dominoes, dressing up in her petticoat collection, picking tunes out on her organ, or perusing her World Book collection. Homework? Well, some of us did ours. Others waited til they went home…..I think. 😉

One benefit to doing all that homework was that Inez knew how to do math. (Not my best subject) And I was able to grasp fraction work thanks to her. Let’s not even think about Algebra. Nope. But, thankfully this past week, those math lessons came in handy when I was able to use ratios to increase the size of my bowl cozies to fit larger bowls. Had a request for the ones I’m about to show you. Normally mine are for cereal/soup-sized bowls. These are for larger bowls and will be lovely for a tablescape, keep things warm, minimize spills and just give a nice touch when having company over. Coffee was the requested fabric theme. What themes you use are only limited by fabric shortage. 😉

Another Inez’s Clippings in the books for the week. Thanks for dropping by and hope your week is full of warmth!


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