Halloween 1932/Inez’sClippings

Page 39- Inez’s Day Journal

Oct. 31, 1932

On October 31, 1932 a Halloween party was held at the school house for the people of Grand River Dist. No. 8. There were 43 people present. Eighteen people came masked. The prize for the best masked person was given to Marie Lewis by the judges, Pauline Campbell, Edna Simpson, and Lena Simpson. The prize was a Charlie Chaplin pencil sharpener. Those who guessed the most right who the masked persons were Marie Leach and Marie Lewis. Marie Leach was given the prize, it being a large pumpkin face lollipop.

After all were unmasked a Nut Hunt was held. Those on Vern Simpson’s side were the Owl’s, those on Fern Simpson’s side were the Cats. Each had to give its own call so the leader could come and pick up the nuts. There was confusion and lots of fun to this game. The Cats found the most nuts so all the nuts (pecans) were given to the Owls. Then the Cats were given salted peanuts. (over)

Pg. 39— Grandma’s Day Journal– My Hunter Family Collection

Just for fun, I looked up a Charlie Chaplin pencil sharpener from 1932. Could they still exist? Well as a matter of fact, one sold on Ebay for $75. and some change. Here’s a photo:

Not my photo. Credit to Ebay seller.

The following are ideas for lollipops in the event you need to hand out some for a party.

Now the big debate is who do you Really think the winner was in the Nut Hunt? I think pecans sounds like a much better prize than salted peanuts.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!


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