Contd. from pg 37, Oct. 9, 1932

I like every one of the youngsters. They haven’t given me any trouble yet. I had to……

Pg. 38

stay at Marie’s over this weekend, but I don’t mind it nearly so much as I did when I had to stay at Loy’s the first year I taught. It seems like home here.

Monday, Oct. 10, 1932

A very unusual thing happened last night and this morning. It snowed; that is, it was unusual because it was so early in the fall. We have not even had a killing frost yet. Marie said that after the snow had melted, she picked strawberries in the garden.

Pg. 38— Grandma’s Day Journal– My Hunter Family Collection

Unusual weather is a thing in many parts of the world. But here in Missouri, I don’t ever remember hearing of strawberries lasting in a garden until October. What a treat!

I had a treat bestowed upon me recently. These two, young ladies in the photo brought me a nice amount of fresh-picked blueberries! They were literally fresh off the farm as they spent a morning on a picking excursion. We’ve cleaned and frozen them for future baking just like the one you see here. Just wanted to take time here to say first, thanks to them for their sweet gift, and second, to thank my youngest for helping make a dozen of these very delicious blueberry muffins.(her own recipe) We most certainly have enough for a several batches! hint, hint 😉

They knew something tasty was happening 🙂

Finally, I hope I get my latest project done in the coming week to share with you. Til then here’s a sneak peek.

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    • Thank you for letting me know that. I don’t get many email notifications from WordPress myself. Not sure what’s up? Guess I need to make myself a link list to keep up with my faves. And our internet has been horrible as well so I’m sure that’s not helping. Summer weekends are the worst when they have events at the state fairgrounds here. Too many people for the service they provide. I’ll look yours up soon! 😊

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