Page 2 of the Day Book/Inez’s Clippings

Page 2 of Grandma’s Day Book, Dec 11, 12, 13, 14 of 1929

Inez’s Words

I was talking to mother yesterday and she said that the car’s axle had broken as they were going to Grandma D’s. I hope they get it fixed by Friday as I’d like to get home, this time especially.

Thursday Dec. 12, 1929

This makes the fourth foggy day, although it wasn’t so bad as yesterday. I just talked to mother and she said that dad had got an axle for the car and had it fixed.

Friday Dec. 13, 1929

The fifth foggy day. I came home this evening + I got another order today.

Sat. Dec. 14, 1929

This is the sixth foggy day.

Nearly 91 years ago,

The more things change the more they stay the same. Getting the car repairs done, wanting to be home for the holidays, and continuous cruddy weather days in a row. One positive — getting that order in the mail. Can you imagine the amazement Grandma would’ve had over the quick services of Amazon, Priority Mail or FedEx? Which leads me also to think about how impatient we are. Waiting has become a lost art.

Sharing a gallery of current photos just to finish off this post of Inez’s Clippings.

It’s been great to have you visit this week! Trying to get back in a groove of sharing Inez’s Clippings and hope you’ll stop in again next time. Til then, stay safe and record those special moments!


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