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Winter of 1939-40

Coldest over this part of the country in History. Colder in the south than in the north.

Pg. 55— Grandma’s Day Journal– My Hunter Family Collection

Timing. We have had one of the mildest winters in my memory and the bottom seems to have dropped out here in Missouri as the new year settles in. Inez often took note of the weather and I can understand why. In the Midwest, the weather can be such a roller coaster. I wish she had went more indepth on this winter of 39-40 but, thankfully, we can rely on the record books for a little peek into the past.

I found one example from the National Weather Service records. The Armistice Day Blizzard of 1940 was brutal. This blizzard arrived without much warning. While temps in Davenport, Iowa on November 11 were mid-50’s, there was a duck hunt many had gathered for. It was a nice break for a winter’s day. But once the surprise winter storm had passed, 150 people and thousands of livestock were dead. Might be a contributing reason that in 1940, the long range forecast was introduced.

The term long-range forecast is how I’ll transition today into my crafting plans for the upcoming year. I have recently learned a way to use up fabric panels that I was gifted. A quilter I follow online made the comment that was like an a-ha moment for me. She said, ‘if you don’t like a fabric, you just haven’t cut it small enough’. And the colors in a fabric panel all go together so you can’t go wrong when you cut them up and reassemble them. I can’t tell you how many quilt panels I have been gifted because they are outdated in either their design or in the color combinations. Why let them sit in storage boxes? I look forward to showing you examples of this in the coming months. And I just want to say “Thanks” to these quilters out there who share their thoughts and expertise. We hobbyists really appreciate it!

New in the shop (15 second video)………

Ready for Game Day!


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