Church Social With Coffee/Inez’sClippings

Page 26 of Inez’s Day Journal

from the previous entry of Thurs, Feb. 20, 1930: I have to get to town to the….

dentist if at all possible. He began treating my tooth last Friday.

Fri. Feb. 21, 1930 I came home this evening. I heard from the eighth graders’ exams. Lyle and Helen L. passed in two and ‘Veone?” in one subject.

Sat. Feb. 22, 1930 We went to a church social tonight at the Christian Church. We sure had a fine time. The program was arranged in the form of a radio program. Afterwards we were served with doughnuts and coffee. Lena got our mail for us as the mail man didn’t go. I got my order from the Omaha School Supply Co.

Sun. Feb. 23, 1930 We went to Lena’s, today.

Pg. 26— Grandma’s Day Journal– My Hunter Family Collection

My apologies if I am reading ‘Veone’ incorrectly. Just not sure?? But Inez was quite the busy bee on this page of the journal. A dentist appointment—first mention of one and it’s nearly the 2nd visit. The exam results—I’m not sure if passing just 1 or 2 subjects is praiseworthy?? A church social that resembled a radio program?–feels like a whirlwind weekend for Inez. And finally the mail order arrived—something we can all relate to in our new normal or ordering more online. But she had to visit Lena to pick it up as I understand it. So, more socializing to collect the mail. Somehow I bet there was more dessert involved in that mail pick-up. Or at least a good cup of coffee.

Speaking of a good cup of Joe, while drinking my first cup of the day I need to share the next sewing plan. I’m trying my hand at Sewing the Scrap Out of March challenge. March is National Quilting Month and after months and months of mask-making, I have a healthy batch of scraps. And my wonderful mother just dropped off some of hers this past Saturday as well. I think this is going to be the start of something pretty wonderful!

In January, I shared a selvage quilt block or 2 and I also made a little scrappy mug rug for the Etsy shop which went over better than I expected. In case you weren’t aware, Coca cola collectors are voracious at accumulating anything Coke-related. But to begin my Sewing the Scrap Out of March, I’ll share this little number from the sold-out stash. You can also check out Tea & Brie on Instagram and see all the great quilting talent during March.

Nothin’ but scraps for the mug rug.


  1. A busy week for Inez indeed! I think that name looks more like Ueone, but that doesn’t sound any more likely than Veone! Is there anyway it could be Leone, which actually is a name?

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    • I’m not sure? I thought the same thing but when you compare her usual L’s it’s not the same at all. So maybe a name of someone who was perhaps an immigrant? We will probably never know unfortunately.


      • Finally had a few to read ahead more indepth and these students weren’t mentioned again. Guess it’ll remain a mystery unless someone else deciphers it better than I. lol Thanks again for following along!


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