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Mother, her brother and sisters attended a one-room schoolhouse back in their childhood days. My grandmother was a one-room schoolhouse teacher for a good portion of her twenties. And my own experiences in a one room schoolhouse that housed our local 4-Her’s, offered a place to have ice cream socials, drew in folks for community dinners as well as accomodated the location of my first bridal shower gives these places a big chunk of my heart. So I was happy to find this well-kept school on K-99 right before we were ready to head back to Lawrence on I-70. It was a perfect ending to our long drive on the Kansas Quilt Trail. I hope you enjoy my picture version of personal nostalgia this Thursday Doors.

View across from the schoolhouse—the gated community, rural American style.

I somehow seem to find these ‘Paw Paw’ roads

It’s been my experience that there were little kitchenettes in either the front or rear of these schools. I’d say this one was inside that back door. Notice the chimney often used for heating with a potbelly stove.

Side View

Where asphalt and gravel meet.

Another cattle gate
I would’ve rather rode a pony to school personally.

Brownie points if you’ve ever had to scrape your boots off on those metal devices before.

Hand hewn front step

Thanks for your kind attention this week as I shared this old piece of 1800’s history. Please take time and visit our Doors host, Norm 2.0 and he’ll direct you to more doors from all over the world.


Big Washout/ Inez’s Clippings

Seems my choice for this post was fairly timely seeing as we had a little snowfall. I love yesterday’s latest tweet I read from Lawrence, Ks PD. Here’s a screenshot/pic……

We had more than a little light snow here in Mid-Missouri. The schools closed due to icy roads …or most of them closed. Some may be in denial on the road conditions. I need to install a live video feed of my neighborhood of the drive-by’s for the schools out there. hehe

For now though I’m going to share some of the Wonder of Winter through the eyes of a child. Hope your Tuesday isn’t a washout.

Kansas State Highway 99/ThursdayDoors

Traveling down K-99 towards I-70 (also known as the Road to Oz) we veered off the Kansas Quilt Trail. But we still enjoyed the charm of billowing clouds, rural farm scenes and just the way wide open spaces rest my eyes.

I'd love to see the view from that hayloft!
I’d love to see the view from that hayloft!

Windy is a normal thing for Kansas and maybe you can tell by the clouds how turbulent the air was that day. But not in the tornadic sense of the word, thankfully. It was actually very good weather to be outdoors for a Midwest day in July.

How many bales of hay have passed through these barn doors over the years?!
How many bales of hay have passed through these barn doors over the years?!

Hope you enjoyed this Thursday Doors post. Please take time to visit Norm 2.0 for more doors from all over. He’ll let you know where to find them. Have a wonderful weekend!!

Scatter Sunshine/Inez’s Clippings

I love the clipping above. The author, Major Edward Bowes, was a radio personality from the 30’s and 40’s. Most famous for his amateur talent show that ran on the radio for 18 years. In fact, one famous singer was featured on his show that everyone will know unless you’re from Mars–that being Frank Sinatra. I found a clip of him singing but I think it might take a bit away from grandma’s clipping. This isn’t about Ol’ Blue Eyes. No disrespect intended. Another time I’ll revisit Frank circa 1935.

I like the clipping above for many of its facets. But Scatter Sunshine really strikes a chord with me. I feel like by acting on this two-word phrase, everything else will follow….a heart free from hate, worry-free mind, love-filled life, thinking of others…..you get the idea I’m sure. Nowadays, we hear of those paying it forward. Very similar thought process. And why not?! What do you have to lose with being kind.

Scattered Sunshine
Scattered Sunshine

Being creative this week in the sewing room and I hope these creations will scatter some sunshine somewhere when they are complete.

Not really taking any votes on these 2 versions of the Pine Tree quilt block. But my preference is the one on the left. They’ll be ready shortly.

What the heck, I’m sharing Frank Sinatra here anyway. Enjoy!! Scattering Sunshine on Inez’s Clippings!