The Mission Contd./Thursday Doors

I told ya’ll about that yarn shop last post.

Well just across the street, there was a set of doors pointed out to me by my hubby.fabricshop8-2

Right there next to the Kansas Sampler is the entryway to a lovely fabric store.


Luckily, you don’t see me in that reflection, but there is plenty of that mirror effect. That tends to happen with glass. The doors are still pretty though.


I left this inside-the-door shot rather large in case you would like to peruse the jam-packed fabric tables,the more-than-ample book selection, the adorable pajama set or that lovely tin ceiling. I was focused where you see the arrow; the fat quarter assortment. The daughter and I chose a few to use for some future baskets or other things. Like maybe ‘quilt blocks’??

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On A Mission/SundaySampler/WPC


I spent a couple hours Saturday on a mission. I was informed by my resident daughter of Lawrence, Kansas that there was ‘this yarn shop’. No more words needed. We hopped in the truck and headed downtown to The Yarn Barn.


Can you see the focus needed when perusing such a delectable assortment of eye candy?

Unfortunately, my focus had to be on the Price. And then there were the color choices running a close 2nd.


My eyes located the clearance bins at the back of the store eventually. (Special thanks at this time for the patience of the family for enduring my inspection of each and every single area of this store.) I found this “Jones” shade and we all instantly thought of my pen pal across the pond with the same surname. Not to mention a “Jones” or 2 we are either related to or dear friends with.

hrhendorsedAnd then there’s this Endorsement from the Campaign For Wool with Patron:

HRH The Prince of Wales. We are fans of those Royals and not just the Kansas City variety. Figured this was my sign from above to go ahead and choose this beautiful shade of teal.

100%Wool, to be washed separately, dried flat and no ironing. Directions to be followed to a Tee. Unless you want shrinkage.


Also in that clearance bin were these additional wools that are simply gorgeous. They are so soft and I absolutely cannot wait to make something special with them!!

Yarn Barn in Lawrence, I’ll be back! The Quest continues.

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Less Is Not Always More/Thursday Doors

While contemplating my upcoming Thursday Door contribution, I was sent a text last Tuesday.

It went something like this………..


And I thought, wait! That’s a Door post just waiting for publication! How could I not share this?

So I am.

And I have a close-up.


And that sheet metal closure he was mentioning….


I’m pretty sure my children would have rather died than rode in something like this.

And they thought my 1997 Lincoln Town Car was mortifying. 😉

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Pass It On/Sunday Sampler

Yesterday was Green Ridge Park Day. Annually held, this event brings out local crafters to assemble their booths and wares along the edges of the city park. To put this in perspective, Green Ridge has a population of 476 according to the 2015 Census. But the folks here turn out to support the volunteer fire department, public school that serves grades K thru 12, and other local groups with silent auctions, ticket raffles, grilled burgers and hot dogs and plenty of fun and games for all ages. A real family event.

This morning, I’m sharing with you a few items that sold from my Etsy store listings.

But before I do that, I want to tell you about the fair number of little girls who were interested in crochet, sewing, and beading for jewelry. I must take this moment to stress to readers in all walks of life the importance of passing on these traditions of creating handmade items.

Pass. It. On.


Sunday Sampler

A Tour de Rental/ Thursday Doors


A couple weeks ago, a neighbor was feeling generous enough to let my daughter and I  walk through this door and peek inside his rental property. He has been upgrading this home for over a year now. Taking one room at a time as you get the time and money is one way to save yourself the cost of contractors. And a way to make sure it’s done right. I was given the OK to take some pictures of what he has done with the place.



Once inside the front door. 


Some lucky renter will have a clean slate to work with. 

All the homes on our street are ‘cookie cutter’ types built in the early 1950’s.They arrived on the rails behind my home (the Katy Trail) and were dropped off to be assembled. They were built to house Boeing employees and enlisted men who were building missiles and installing them in the silos. Whiteman Air Force Base about 20 miles away, was their base of operations. Amenities in these homes included one car garage, one bath and 3 bedrooms with an eat-in kitchen and a living room. No basements unless you were one of the officers and you lived a couple streets over. Many years later, most have at least done away with the asbestos siding and changed these homes to suite their more modern lives.

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Snowflakes for 911/Sunday Sampler

starting the motif

Sitting here as the wife of a retired law enforcement officer and daughter-in-law of a firefighter thinking the tragedy of that horrible day never shocks me any less. The making of snowflakes is for my personal remembrance. They will be on my Christmas tree this year. My heartfelt sympathies as always to the victims’ families.

Edge of the Fenceline/WPC


This week, let’s keep our angles sharp and heart rate fast.

These were the instructions.

I’m afraid I get enough racing heart moments when my day begins and ends with keeping up with a group of children under age 5. I choose to select this picture of where land and sky meet at the edge of a fenceline. Enjoy!


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Katy Depot/ Thursday Doors

Thursday Doors

Taking you down our Katy Trail this Thursday to the Katy Depot. Opened on May 10, 1896, it has stood the test of time. If you’d like to read more about it, check out


According to records, the last passenger train left the depot in 1958.


Lots of events and cool stuff to be found here if you’re ever in the area.


The Katy Depot of my childhood was in terrible shape. Flooded basement, broken windows, holes in the roof throughout and boarded up. A sad state of affairs that I wish I had a photo of to show you. Or maybe it’s good I don’t. If someone had told me back then that as an adult I’d be entering these doors for an event dressed in period clothing of 1900 performing my banjo, I would have never believed it.  A bit surreal but it made some great memories.

The fully-renovated Katy Depot brings back its old glory days.Today, Sedalian’s have a great source of pride that it is being utilized in so many ways that include preserving a bit of our history.

Captured as in a Mirror/WPC



Caught in thoughtful reflection was this moment of my daughter reading a description of this piece entered into the Missouri State Fair exhibits. I love seeing her in such concentrated interest. Here’s what captured her so.


After she read it she asked me, “Mom did you See that? Can you Imagine having to display your sewing abilities to Marry?!” This brought on some thought-provoking discussion of the times they lived in compared to ours.


None of the photos do the piece any justice, but you can see why we were spellbound and in awe of the delicate beauty displayed in this woman’s needlework of 1841.

Petunia Stripes Homespun/Sunday Sampler

Sunday Sampler

About 3 weeks ago I told you about a Ruana pattern I was going to try out.

I’ve been working on it for the last 21 days apparently according to the blog entry dates. I now have a clearer picture of the progress.


With only 1 skein of yarn left, I’m not sure I’ll have enough to make the extra generous length this project requires. But the coloring is very rich and it will wrap someone up pretty nicely when I get finished with that last bundle you see there. I may be calling this a wrap. Pardon the pun.

ff4f141c570ff16b0817fa9fd7846a24 (2)