Sand on the Track/Inez’s Clippings

Inez's Clipping
Inez’s Clipping

More words of wisdom from grandma for my Monday. Not sure how your first day of the week has went but mine started out with feeling like I could have used another hour of sleep– at the very least. Difficulty # 1.

I’m not going down the list of reasons it has been a less than favorable day. Nope. Not gonna shoot that dead horse. I’m headed the opposite direction with some random thoughts of my own.

Did you know: Your husband still loves you when he offers to take you to McDonald’s when all he can eat there is –nothing. Water doesn’t count. You can get that free in prison.

Did you know: No matter how bad a day you’re having, when your daughter asks for a hug, you’ll embrace that moment & her, no questions asked.

Did you know: I’ve finished a shawl and I’m loving this ruffled edging. (better view later)

Shawl with ruffled edge
Shawl with ruffled edge

And finally, the one thing no one can take away from you are memories. So thankful for mine and looking forward to making many, many more.


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