Ames Music/Inez’sClippings

Sun. March 2, 1930. Mother came home this afternoon. It is still cold.

Mon. March 3, 1930. Dad brought me to school this morning. I got my check. There are only 3 more months of school. I won’t be so very sorry of that. I’ll have to be writing my applications, soon, or I’ll get left out again.

Tues. March 4, 1930. Today is Aunt Molly’s birthday. I got my Life Insurance Policy from the Banker’s Life Co., today. I got the new records from the Ames Music Company.

Wed. March 5, 1930. I wrote a letter to Natalie this evening. I also wrote an application except the name and date. I’ll have it all ready to send as….

Pg. 29— Grandma’s Day Journal– My Hunter Family Collection

I contacted the Ames History Museum to see if I could find information on the Ames Music Company. They were kind enough to give me their address and found a few places they advertised. Here’s the Google Map screenshot.

323 Main Street, Ames, Iowa

Currently not the same building as you can see above. But interesting to see the radio station not far from there. Could have been a convenient location back in the day for a record shop. The only information they had were mentions in newspaper ads. Sadly, no photos of the building.

Since we’ve read how Inez appreciates a package in the mail, I thought I’d share a very thoughtful gift I received from the penpal I’ve writtten the longest. She sent me some lovely, hand-crocheted items for my sewing room–not to mention a beautiful card. It is hard for her these days and if you are the praying kind, please say one for her. I pray God gives her the protection she needs in the days ahead. We know he is always with us! My favorite Bible verse reads from Joshua 1:9— “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”

Thank You, Michelle!!

Want to make someone smile? Send them a handwritten card or note. The cost is minimal and the reward is priceless.


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