Busybody or Busy Body/Inez’s Clippings

I’m amused by this poem saved by Inez. In her stash of clippings, I needed this contemplative humor. We’re all guilty of being a busy-body at some point or another. With a little twist of meanings, today’s post is going to focus on the last line of this clipping on a busy body. More specifically a busy young lady in my home who just had a graduation. Securing her Associates Degree is now finished. She did not take the traditional 2 years to complete hers as some are fortunate enough to have. It was more years than she wants to disclose here. I see no shame in the amount of time it took. She worked many long hours at a few different jobs to make it all happen. I’d call that a hula dance in itself. As a parent we want all of our children to have the easy road to advancement. But it’s just not always meant to be. It’s the journey that I hope she remembers. A road that brought her to where she is now–full of life’s opportunities if you just reach for the stars.

So I’ll share some photo moments here that were shared with me. I’d also like to thank those who took time to congratulate her and make her day that much more special. You know who you are!!


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