Halloween Party-pt.3/Inez’sClippings

Previous pg….. The prize for the woman was a bottle of……….

Pg. 41…..perfume and for the man a comb.

A nut throwing contest was held next, Muriel Blair winning this. He was given a mirror for a prize.

Fortunes were written with soda and water so it was necessary to hold them over the lamp before they could be read.

Everyone guessed at the number of pumpkin seeds in a pint jar. The closest guess was made by Viola McKee. She guessed 975 and there were 938 seeds in the jar. She Received the prize which was an address book.

Refreshments consisted of sandwiches, pickles, pumpkin pie and coffee.

This was an easy bunch to entertain as so many took part in the contests and games.

Pg. 41— Grandma’s Day Journal– My Hunter Family Collection

Plenty of food for thought with her final entry of the 1932 Halloween party. It must have been the talk of the school district for quite some time! Do you remember the old movie scenes where they discovered secret messages? I remember grandma showing the baking soda method to us grandkids. We’d spend hours with paper and paintbrush in hand, writing ‘clues’ for hidden items. Does anyone do that anymore?

Concerning the prizes, I wonder if they had the budget to go to the 5 & Dime for items or if it was a gathering of found things from home that they were ready to part with; kind of like us picking and choosing what we want to put in a good will box—but only the good stuff. I mean it was The Great Depression and money was tight.

Do you have a method of picking out extra gift items for a ‘stash’? There is the clearance isle, (online clearance counts) and there are homemade gift stashes. I have recently been interested in creating gift sets for the Etsy shop. The following little 15 second movie is just one option I’m thinking of trying out. Everyone loves a kitchen set, right?? Just add a little dish soap and veggie brush and you’d have a great little combo for just a few dollars. If you can make the items yourself, it helps keep it budget friendly, but if not, some online shopping or craft show shopping can get you started.


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