Just Made Over/Inez’s Clippings

Inez’s Clippings

Speaking of washed/clean faces, I have a couple new bibs to talk about this week. I’ve wrote about this before here, but it might deserve an upsdate. Between creating a couple potato bag orders and making some new sheets for my daycare cots, I used up an old pair of black khaki pants, spliced together some batting scraps and chose a fabric from the stash that I believe was a donation from my aunt and uncle. I may have mentioned being enabled by family a couple times.

So thank you to my fam for the help in this endeavor. Bibs get worn out quickly in my line of business. And being frugal helps me keep my prices reasonable when selling these–if I have extras. And it saves the adorable little outfits that moms send their bundles of joy in each day.

Note to self: really must start getting some pics of those outfits. I am certain I’d hear some Awww’s out there.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the clipping from Grandma Inez and the gallery following of the bib-making.

Question to moms and grandmas out there: Which bothers you more… food on baby’s clothes or the drool from teething? Or both? Have a great week!!


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