From 12 to 15/Inez’s Clippings

Page 15

Friday?? Jan. 17??,1930

I guess I won’t get to until next week. While the weather is so cold and the days so short it wouldn’t seem like any time at home even if I did get to go home tomorrow. And, besides, the roads have drifted in some and might and might drift in more by Sunday or Monday. I got the snapshots from Cherokee. They were all good but two. The weather is certainly cold. The highest tempurature at Henry Field’s, today, was 9 below zero, and it was 15 below, this evening.

Sat. Jan 18, 1930

This was the longest Saturday I can remember of having for a long time. I did not go home this week end.

Pg. 15 — Grandma’s Day Journal– My Hunter Family Collection

If you’ve kept up on Inez’s day journal, you may have notice that we’ve skipped pages 13 and 14. This page has literally been cut away and is not in the journal. One wonders what thoughts she had that would cause her to remove this page. Seems if it were something ‘gossipy’, she would have kept it to herself resulting in removing the page for future generations. That’s just how grandma was. If I were a storyteller, it would be tempting to make up some family drama. But I rather appreciate her decision to keep something untold that may be hurtful to someone, maybe even to herself. Possibley in retrospect, she realized she was already in enough of a depressing situation with the cold, drifting snow and inability to get home to family. Why risk someone reading this missing page that could cause more stress? Yeah I’d probably have torn it out too. There’s enough hurt in the world.

To, hopefully, cheer ya’ll up after reading grandma’s rather downcast entries, I’ve got some pics of what I’ve been working on…..& yes there is one more mask in the mix. I mean our rural Missouri county has a 40.37% positivity rate as of yesterday at noon. What the heck?! But I digress, here are some of my latest completions. And for the record, 2,316 masks to date have went out my door– either mailed or gifted.

Winter is going to be a long one for us too I believe. Plenty of time to catch up on my UFO’s (unfinished objects)….and to start new ones. It’s been good to have you here! Til next time, stay safe. 



  1. Reading Inez’s journal entry her comment that she ‘got the snapshots from Cherokee. They were all good but two’ reminds how it used to be when you had to wait days (sometimes weeks) to see if your photos had all been successful – and no way to try again if you found some hadn’t worked out as you’d hoped, as the opportunity had long since passed. I wonder what Inez would make of our snap-happy world, all of us photographing everything all of the time?!

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