819 W. 4th Street/ Inez’sClippings

Page 61

Antioch Church. Had lots of good food, and a nice time.

Tues. July 23, 1940 ~~~ Went to work for Mrs. J.J Duncan at 819 W. 4th St. in Sedalia. A large 11 room house to take care of, also antiques galore!

Sat. Oct. 12, 1940 ~~~ Came home from Duncan’s after working there 12 weeks. Not a bad place to work but had to stay part of each Sunday.

Tues. Oct. 15, 1940 ~~~ Glenn, Mr. Hunter and Quintin Binder came back from Texas after working 6 weeks during the rice harvest there. Glenn and I went to the show at Windsor.

Pg. 61— Grandma’s Day Journal– My Hunter Family Collection

Some background info about Glenn and Quintin. They were neighbors/friends but once Inez and Glenn married, they became cousins. Inez and Quintin were 1st cousins. We can’t tell from the journal entries, but it kind of seems that Quintin might have had a part to play in their meeting.

This week I found a surprise for Inez fans. It’s a photo of the home she was staying at while working for the Dunkins. This is the home as it looks today. But according to Zillow, it only has 4 bedrooms. Apparently over time, the various owners have taken down walls to make bigger bedrooms. But the outside is much as it must have been back in 1940.

Some creative news for the week include a little springy mini quilt and the sale of a crocheted afghan. The mini quilt is part of the 2019 AtoZ Challenge and hope to get the binding on before the next writing on Inez. The afghan is a Bavarian crochet stitch and I’m happy it is on its way to someone special! I hope it makes for some lovely baby photos. Nothing would make me happier!



  1. Maybe Inez had a room right up the top. Interesting how the bedrooms changed. Maybe some became walk in wardrobes. I often fancy cutting a doorway into the next bedroom to store my clothes but then where would the grandchildren sleep when they come to visit?

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    • It would be neat to see inside wouldn’t it? I suppose I can watch for Zillow home tours if it ever goes up for sale? 😊 til then we just get to wonder lol


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