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to work for her this summer.

April to last part of July 1941 ~~ I worked for Taylor’s, a very nice place and pleasant people to be with, but not enough pay for the work there was to be done, so I asked for a week off to go with Mother to visit in Iowa. Then after coming back home I decided not to go back to work there.

July 25 (or 26th) 1941, Sat ~~ Glenn took Mother and me to Iowa for a week’s visit. We started on Sat. morning and got to Ben and Lena’s about 3:30 in the afternoon. Had good luck all the way, no tire or car trouble. We went to Winterset that Sat. night and saw several people we knew. On Sunday we went to the Davis reunion at Winterset Park then back to Ben’s Sun. night. Went to Young’s for dinner Monday spent a few minutes at Babst’s before going to Doll’s to spend the night. On Tues. we went to Faith’s for dinner then back to…..

Pg. 65— Grandma’s Day Journal– My Hunter Family Collection

How many jobs have you quit without notice? I remember one job back in my early 20’s that I thought I wanted to go back to. Visited with the manager and had the date set to return. But a nagging voice inside me said ‘don’t do it’. So I withdrew from that plan and kept the job I had for about 8 years total. I had health insurance and a little vacation time which is probably the main reasons I stayed put.

But Inez had no job benefits other than her being allowed time off (without pay) to go on a visit back to Iowa. Job security was something you acquired by dedication and hard work back in her day. With all the families I’ve had the pleasure of knowing through my home daycare, I’ve seen first hand that job security is not easy to obtain anymore. Besides children heading off to Kindergarten, I’ve had children withdrawn from childcare due to job loss or from moving away the most. Nothing is certain except death and taxes.

According to, Certainty is a synonym for All Sewn Up. I can relate to this subject with great ease. Sharing an assortment of plastic bag holders fresh off the needle in the Etsy shop. Why save your plastic bags?
*Packing for moving
*Yard Sale bags
*Diaper disposal
*Wet swimsuits
*Trash bags
*Upcycling crafts
*Traveling shoe protector & much more!!



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