Time Lapse/Inez’sClippings

*********(Lapse of time)*********

Thur. April 17, 1930 We had our Easter egg hunt and other games at school today. It was unsettled and quite cloudy. I got my Encyclopedias today. They are real nice.


Monday, August 4, 1930 Today was the hottest day, yet and we have been having some scorchers lately. We need rain badly. It was so hot last night we could hardly sleep. At 7 o’clock this morning it was 82 above, at 10 am it was 96, at 1 P.M. it was 104, at 3 P.M. 100, and afterwards it got to 106; at 7 P.M. it was 98. Some heat! and not sure of relief. at 9 P.M. 88.

Pg. 34โ€” Grandmaโ€™s Day Journalโ€“ My Hunter Family Collection

Grandma’s journal is beginning to spread out more on the entry dates. But don’t lose heart. There is more to share! I can catch you up on the fact that she did get hired at Happy Hollow school. Not sure if it was in the fall of 1930 or the following year? She may have had a hiatus? I say this because of the year on a photo I’m sharing this week. It’s a 1935 photo of the school, Inez, and some of the students there.

Inez is seated at the top of the steps directly behind the 3 boys and dog. And I believe her father is the first adult man on the far left, my great grandfather, Al Reed.

I’m going to bring some color to the blog this week with a couple quilts I’ve completed this past month. The first is a rag quilt, made for a baby shower gift. Lady bugs are the focus on this one. Decided against the traditional pink theme.

I just want to say how considerate the mother-to-be was on having a very safe baby shower with many social distancing practices in place. All cannot have the vaccine yet- my husband for one – and we are being uber careful in our home due to his needs and for the children in my childcare setting who are also high risk. Thanks for being so careful and thoughtful of others!!

Double Wedding Ring Quilt – Western Theme Fabrics

The above quilt I completed after letting it sit for nearly 2 years after I’d hand quilted it. The reason…I was a bit intimidated by binding the curves. So after a dozen or so YouTube videos, I finally felt like I was ready to wrangle the task. I think I did a fair job. It’s now for sale in the Etsy shop if you are a fan of all things handmade. This quilt was hand pieced by another lady who’s daughter sold it at auction. I added the batting, backing and quilting all by hand. Binding attached by machine, but hand tacked onto the reverse side. All in all it’s a vintage/new quilt that is now in mint condition. I personally think it’s picnic-ready. Not 1930’s fabrics, but definitely a piece of Americana.



  1. Your post is inspiring me to return to two unfinished projects. One is an historical fiction, in my paternal grandmothers voice, based on a memoir my uncle wrote about 1914 through 1924 (Pandemic 1917-18). The other is an embroidery that I started way long than two years ago that I keep wanting to finish. Our pandemic side tracked me a bit.

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    • Both of your projects sound very worthwhile. Iโ€™m interested in your writing so keep me in the loop on your progress. I admire the creativity of historical fiction writers! Thanks for stopping by and your very thoughtful comments.

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    • Thank you so much! I actually do sell on Etsy. I have a shop with the same name as my blog of Katy Trail Creations. Continuity I suppose ๐Ÿ™‚ Do you buy or sell on Etsy? It’s a great group of people from all walks of life.

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      • I’ll have a look. No I don’t sell my things at the moment. I’m busy with my job now. Sometimes I buy on Ebay, some vintage laces or blankets ๐Ÿ˜Š

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