Party at LeGrande’s and Baptism/ Inez’s Clippings

May 4, 1935 thru July 26, 1936

Sat. May 4, 1935 We attended a party at LeGrande’s. Had a nice time. Libby’s, Jensen’s, Akin’s and we were there.

Sun. May 5, 1935. Attended Sunday School at Fellowship Church. 53 were present. The first meeting to start Sunday School there was held last Sunday with an attendance of about 30. Wilfred Lord is Superintendent. Dale Smith is teacher of my class, Roland Smith is Secretary and I am President. It was decided to get Radio Hymnals from Henry Fields, for song books. George came over in the afternoon.

Sun. May 3, 1936 I went forward at Fellowship Church. Rev. Edgar Thompson was the preacher.

Sun. July 26, 1936 Was baptised in Middle River, west of Pammel Park. Ten others were……

Pg. 51— Grandma’s Day Journal– My Hunter Family Collection

Trying to dissect this page and keeping the writing cohesive is going to be a little bit of a struggle. But I’m giving it my best shot. So let’s start with the years on these entries. One year and a couple months worth of events are registered on the same page. So that seems to be the norm for Inez during these “in-between” years. As her life starts to change later on, it’ll become slightly more consistent. But I have to think she was either too busy to write down more often, or else there was so much depressing stuff occurring that she didn’t want to remember all of the times they were living in. Guess we’ll never know.

I did take time to look up some names of families in Madison County obituaries and found LeGrande’s, Akins, Jensen and Reed are all families that still exist up to Gen Z times (year’s past 1997 to 2012). And, interestingly, there are relatives mixed in with each of those names. I think with the hardship of the Great Depression, it’s truly amazing these families managed to stick around the same area all these years. It would be a real treat to meet and speak with some of them. Unfortunately, I’m sure those that lived during Inez’s time are few and far between.

A known is that Inez came from a Christian family. Case in point—we have photos with children in her Christening gown on our wall. So it was a surprise to read that she was baptised in 1936 at the age of 25. Different denominations have different methods so I’m not dissappointed in any way at all. Just didn’t expect to read that. Good job Grandma! And to be voted President of the church Sunday School committee. Another wow moment. Inez was not a woman to just sit back. I know a few women in our family who inherited that trait. (wink to you gals out there).

Grandma Inez’s Christening Gown

Not the best time of day for this photo with glare from our window, but these are 2 photos I’ll always consider favorites. Both of our daughters were able to have their moments in their great grandmother’s Christening gown. Such a priviledge! Special thanks to my aunt who seen to it that each great granddaughter had their turn. Our family is rich in caring people!

Does your family have heartwarming traditions it’s able to pass down? I’d love to hear them!


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