Grandma Davis/Inez’sClippings


Sat. Nov. 1, 1930

Grandma Davis was laid to rest, today. She passed away last Wednesday, Oct. 29, 1930.


Thurs. December 25, 1930

Christmas! We had the “gang” here for dinner. They all seemed to have a fine time. I got a pocketbook, thimble, 6 handkerchiefs,2 prs.stockings, set of 2 vases, a dish, handkerchief folder, poster book, apron, 50 cents, letter opener, and a pillow. I got a little doll in a walker out of the grab box. I got a comb case at the club last week. I also got a powder puff today.

Pg. 35— Grandma’s Day Journal– My Hunter Family Collection

In case you’re following along on the Inez’s Clippings Day Journal series, Inez lost both her grandmothers in 1930. Grandma Reed on January 29 and Grandma Davis on October 29— as well as an aunt, Laura and a cousin, Muriel. Family lore says death comes in 3’s. I’m sure this was heavy on their minds in these early years of The Great Depression. And to have such long journal entry breaks speaks volumes of my grandmother. In my recollections, she was never depressed or downcast for very long. At least not in the presence of her loved ones. It’s a side of her I don’t remember seeing. But thankfully, she found solace and celebration in Christmas that year with her people.

Great, Great Grands–Jacob and Catherine Ann (Himmel) Davis
Grandmother Davis was mother to 12 children- so these are just some of them.

I read a book of the Dust Bowl back a couple years ago and I found myself wondering about the gift of so many kerchiefs. I know the failure of farms, crops and the raging dust storms were not just located in Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas. Like, there was no physical barrier to stop the dust or economic effects. There are accounts of dust so significant that it spread to New York City at times. And I feel there’s some parallel here with our masks. Yes I’ve said it. In a way, things were repeated. And in my humble opinion, it bears mentioning how history can be repeated in different but similar ways; albeit our ‘dust’ was a virus. I have contemplated as to the ‘why’ Grandma Inez didn’t mention it in her day journal.

A good read. Thanks Rach!

While tending the Etsy shop, I realized I’m fresh out of adult-sized head scarves. Also called kerchiefs, babushkas, and used for no-heat-hairdos. To me, they are great for mowing-the-yard days. So this weekend I spent some time creating some new ones.


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