Who Loves Winter?/Inez’s Clippings

Tues. Jan 14, 1930

I got a letter from Wyce today. It snowed today and drifted quite a lot. It begins to look like it might be like it was last winter. I hope not, though.

Wed. Jan. 15, 1930

It has stopped snowing and drifting. The roads running North and South are drifted quite a lot. I got a letter from Ruby. I talked to Mother this evening and she said that Ruth Pope is taking Doris’s place at school for awhile, as Doris is sick.

Thurs. Jan. 16, 1930

January is over half gone already. It isn’t so bad, though, to have winter go in a hurry. It was colder today than it has been yet, this winter. It was not above zero all day.

Fri. Jan. 17, 1930

I didn’t get to go home tonight.

Pg. 12 — Grandma’s Day Journal– My Hunter Family Collection

There is a small number of people who love the winter. They languish in the slow-down, seclusion, and hibernation mode it brings. That is me, not grandma. She enjoyed being social and writing, receiving letters, calling her family on the phone, and going home. I can imagine her gazing out the window at snow drifting for hours on end, wishing it away. I also can now understand her deep appreciation for having two of her grown daughters and their families living less than a quarter-mile away from her. I would say she was instrumental in selling each of those daughters parcels of the family land so they would make residences there. Growing up rural with so much family just steps away is such a blessing, rich with memories–and plenty of life lessons.

Thanks to NoFacilities for the suggestion/share on page dividers!! This is my amateur attempt 😉

We learned early on as we gathered at the Hunter homestead, that play could involve upcycled materials. So out behind the house was an old weathered shed stocked with old plastic jugs, tin cans, and other boxes and containers for ‘stuff’. Everything was saved and had a purpose. I come by my frugal-living skills honest. So I’m about to share an activity that can engage young and old alike. With just a few ordinary items, we learned the meaning of a new word within the context of play. The word is ‘Catapult’. I hope you enjoy the photos of attempt after attempt of trying to land a pom pom in a container. We had 3 successes in about 100 (that’s a low estimate) tries. But such fun!

Thank you for your visit today and I hope you have enjoyed today’s segment in the Inez’s Clippings progression.



  1. I like your divider, very much,. Thanks for the shout. I types this comment yesterday (on my phone) but never finished it. I wanted to add that I do like winter. It’s not my favorite season, but there are things we can only see in winter that I enjoy, especially a colorful sunset shining through bare trees.


  2. Living in a city I’m not a fan of winter – it messes with our public transport system and it only looks pretty for about half an hour, then it goes dirty and slushy 😦 One thing that strikes me about your grandmother’s journal is how important letters were to her. We’ve got used to being almost constantly in touch with family and friends so we don’t have that excitement about hearing from somebody.


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