Shower and Charivari / Inez’s Clippings

Charivari-(or sometimes also called Shivaree) To serenade (a newly married couple) with the noisy banging of pots and pans.

Pg. 69, Wed. Feb 4, 1942. ~~~~A shower and charivari was held for us at Hunter’s. We received many nice gifts. A list of the gifts and their givers is as follows:

Towel Set — Mr & Mrs. Buchanan and boys//Covered pan — Lawrence, Allie and Joyce Miller White Dish– Mr & Mrs. John Hampton and Eileen// Large Pie Plate-Fred Rothenburger family// Casserole– Mr. & Mrs. F. Walter and family// Cake plate –Mr & Mrs. Tom Brown// Small Pyrex Plate– Mrs. Perdita Gregory// Dish Pan– Richard & Essie Mathers// Water pail–Raymond & Iris (my great aunt & uncle)// Dipper– Harold Lee(cousin)// Oven Dish– Virgil, Gladys & Lola Mae Alderman// Tea Kettle– E.W. Smith // Clock– Leroy Ryan & Doris Binder// Pink Dish–Walter, Mary & Donnie Pottoroff// Green Table Cover–Marjorie & Maurine Riecke Rayon cloth & napkins– Mr & Mrs H. L. Rothenburger// Cookie jar & holders– Mr & Mrs. Gene Johnson// Pitcher, shaker & chopper set– Jean Marsh//

Pg. 70, Round pan–Irene & Mr. Upton// Large glass fruit plate– Ruby & Ralph Rieke// Pig Bread Board– Dad Reed// Potato Masher & Spoon–Barrow’s // Small white bowl–Mr. & Mrs. Dick Mathers// Rolling pin– Vivian Binder –Whistling Tea Kettle– Quintin Binder (cousin)// Tea Towels & Towels–Francis & Buster (Great aunt & uncle)// Soap & Cleaner Holders– Hazel Styner// Crocheted Doily– Amy & Fred Davis (relatives on the family tree)// Deep dish– Nolde’s// Mixing bowl set– Clarence Riecke family// Pyrex Dish– Gertie Atwood// Small Kettle– Paul Rothenberger family// Pitcher & glasses– Orville Alderman’s// Enameled pan– Elmer Alderman’s// Percolator– Wallie Meyers family// Cake tin–Fred Hampton family// Glass bowl– Lois & Sterling(my great aunt & uncle)// Glass bowl–Ward Lacey family// Sauce dishes– Mr. & Mrs. Vollie Moore// Double boiler–Dora Benz

Pg. 69 & 70— Grandma’s Day Journal– My Hunter Family Collection

What a turn out for my grandparents!! There are so many names I grew up knowing on this list. Others still were relatives I have fond memories of. Makes me so proud of the loving, supportive community I grew up in. Also appreciative that my parents chose the same neck of the woods, so to speak, for our upbringing. Next is the newspaper announcement of those present above. I’ve not checked to see if both lists have everyone, but it’s nice to have the 2 versions don’t you think?

Being in the spirit of giving is something we can all relate to especially this time of year. Churches ask us to give a little more freely, charities ask for more of our time and extra donations and we just naturally seem to feel more generous at heart. The same can be said of when we participate in bridal and baby showers, birthdays and other parties that celebrate a person or couple. Being a ‘maker’ of things with cloth and fiber. I’d like to create a list for you this Inez’s Clippings as my gift to you, dear readers.

  • Make It Sew on YouTube and FaceBook every Tuesday evening at 6-7 pm CST. I tune in each week to see what project Joan will be sharing. Currently they’re doing a Quilt-a-long. One block a week. Sometimes they have fabric sales. You can’t go wrong dropping in here. For thread connoisseurs, they offer membership to their Thread of the Month Club. Discounts on thread is uber helpful these days.
  • Sew Much Moore with Nicole Moore. Quilt patterns, Sewing Patterns & YouTube Tutorials. I follow her Instagram account where you can find her link tree.
  • Want to quilt for a cause? Missouri Star Quilt Company has a page dedicated to charities needing quilt donations. Plus they have a wonderful wealth of tutuorials and projects to keep quilters busy no matter their level of expertise. And let’s not forget their deals of the day! Always something worth checking out at this Hamilton, Missouri based business.
  • One of my favorite quilt bloggers is from across the pond. Quilting Patchwork Applique’ is a fantastic place to read about quilting. I first met her in the AtoZ Challenge and have been a follower since. Frederique writes a bilingual blog in French and English. So much to learn from our European quilters!
  • If quilting is not really your forte but sewing is, then Happiest Camper may be more to your liking. Tutorials abound on this site.
Wishing everyone a very happy holiday season full of many blessings!

I hope you will return next week for another of Inez’s Clippings. The day journal is nearly done, but we will be featuring a post in January or February of a getaway she documented in photos. (thanks Mom for the scrapbook. It’s a true treasure!) And there will be many, many more clippings from her collection to share in posts here at Katy Trail Creations. Many thanks for coming back to visit even after this unexpected hiatus!

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