January Freeze/Inez’sClippings


Contd. July 26, 1936. baptised, Rev. Thompson performed the baptism.

Sunday, February 2, 1936(7?)

January 23 the thermometer registered 19 below zero. The week from Jan. 19 to Jan 25 the temperature was below zero every day. We had much snow and the roads were drifted in but were cleared out by the snow plow in a few days.

Pg. 52— Grandma’s Day Journal– My Hunter Family Collection

From hot as July to cold as Hades, it seems weather is always a good conversation starter. I mean, if the weather permits, you can have a baptism in the creek. Otherwise, you might be waiting awhile when talking about the 1930’s. Laundry was hung out to dry most times so weather could play a role in delaying that. Just a couple instances of weather causing delays. There are so many.

Weather events have defining moments in our lives. Locally, we just had one such encounter with some twisters. They claim to have been EF-0 according to the experts. Our county had 2. The defining moment came when the warning sirens were sounded 10 minutes too late. Thankfully, most folks have their weather radios, phone apps and had been weather aware for the whole day. Preparation was the key. Hopefully our EMA (emergency management agency) gets the kinks worked out. Sharing the National Weather Service verification of the 2 touchdowns from Twitter as well as a photo shared by a stormchaser from MU.

Preparing for the Holidays around here. Mother has some really lovely potholders listed in the Etsy shop and I can share them with you here! These are Christmas themed and one of a kind! Just perfect for the family meals, whether it’s just your immediate family or if you’re having a large gathering. A great hostess gift too!


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