This is Merry Christmas!/Inez’s Clippings

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Tues. Dec. 24, 1929

We got a little tree today. We put our presents at/on our…..

places at the table. Of course, Santa came to Dean.

Wed. Dec. 25, 1929

This is “Merry Christmas!” It was so warm it didn’t seem like Christmas. We opened our presents this morning. I got a cedar chest full of stationery from mother, a waste paper basket from dad, a perfume atomizer from Dean, a pair of gloves from Wyce, a handkerchief from Catherine. We went to Marie’s today. Surely had a good dinner and lots of it. I got a stamped apron from Marie, 2 handkerchiefs from Ruth Weter, a package of gum from grandpa,and 2 soup bowls from Lena and Grandma Reed.

Sun. Dec. 29, 1929

We went over to Fae’s today.

Page 7 — Grandma’s Day Journal — My Hunter Family Collection

For my relatives reading this one, Uncle Dean and Grandma Inez were quite a few years apart in age. So at 17, she was well past the Santa years. 🙂 I can relate as my sister and I are 6 years apart and I was always excited for her to have Santa bring her all those gifts! I wouldn’t have dreamed of spoiling it for her.

The atmosphere must have been pretty festive with all the gifts Grandma received. They were mostly practical as one would imagine in 1929 after the great Crash on Wallstreet. I do wonder how quickly they felt the effects out in central Iowa. I am somewhat sidetracked here–it’s pretty great that Grandpa was the holdout giving her a package of gum. Good for him! Everyone needs a little something unexpected. I secretly hope it was grape flavored (my favorite)!

Many people are starting their gift purchasing about this time of year. Are you the gift giver that secrets away unexpected items? Or are you the one who asks for a list and checks off the items that you wish to select? And do you give away the surprise? I remember my own father-in-law used to give us clues as to where to find our gift from him. It. drove. me. crazy. lol But now I can really appreciate the thought and care he went through to go to this extra effort. Funny how time changes things.

It’s a little early to create for Christmas with the kiddos, so in closing, I’m sharing some photos of an October project we worked on for this week. Received my pumpkin-colored yarn yesterday in the mail so the kids were excited to get their hands on it! Thanks so much for visiting and feel free to come back anytime.


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