Hacked,Page 47/Inez’sClippings

Who’s writing is this??

Dec. 1, 1935

Got pup from George D. it is a yellow collie. it is 5 or 6 wk old. I rode Midget after it. Name – Chuck

Pg. 47— Grandma’s Day Journal– My Hunter Family Collection

Who in heaven’s name is doing the writing here??? My first comparison of this with today’s online journaling is that it was ‘hacked’. Could it be her younger brother wrote an entry for Inez? The ink blotted all over one side, the choppy grammar and the penciled in “Name – Chuck” are some clues that this is a bit off. Even the date is from 2 years after the previous post. And page 46 is blank. But, on second thought, I think he must’ve had permission since the penciled in writing looks like Inez’s. Also tucked into the pages is this receipt.

A call to our store is a call to your door.

A little foreshadowing for my readers this week with the receipt that’s clearly my grandparents setting up house in Oklahoma City. Glenn and Inez Hunter lived there during WWII. It’s where my mother and one of my aunts were born. This date of 8-1-1944 would have been after my mother’s birth and before my aunt’s. I’m sure they needed a bigger space with the growing family. I checked the equivalent of $66.71 to today’s currency and it came up with $1551.15. Pretty good chunk of change for an army private back in the day. Inez would not have been working with my mother being an infant. Teachers were rarely married in those days either. So this was likely a significant sacrifice of cash. Our family did not come with silver spoons just for the record.

The new pup spoken of in the day journal brought to mind my niece’s who visited us recently. I have to tell you, Reba is just as sweet as she looks in her photos! I wish we had taken a selfie 😉 But for now, I’m showing off her photos (thanks Evette) of this adorable fur baby. Sure do enjoy all the Reba Snapchats! I think a doggie scarf might be in order. Now what color will accent those eyes ??



  1. How interesting to find a store receipt from so long ago – and that’s quite a sum to have been spending! I wonder if furniture etc was relatively dearer back then??

    Love the photos of Reba, especially the one curled up on the checked blanket 😍

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