The Missouri Move/Inez’sClippings

New Chapter

Thurs, Feb. 29, 1940 ~~~Moved from the Old Hull Place to Missouri. Loaded up and the truck started for Mo at 9 P.M. Mr. Ruby drove the truck. We were very late getting away and got to Grace’s at 2 o’clock. Stopped there and stayed the rest of the night.

Fri. Mar 1, 1940~~~ Started from Grace’s about 8 A.M. but stopped at Thayer and Osceola. Left Osceola at 1 o’clock after having the car worked on and getting tires. Went along alright after that. Caught up with Mr. Ruby in the truck just north of Sedalia. Had a flat south of Sedalia, fixed it by lantern light. It began to get much warmer after we got south of the Missouri River. After going west on highway #52, we stopped 2 boys and inquired where Rieke’s had lived. They directed us back east about 1 1/2 miles. After……

(note: Rieke’s is pronounced Ricky’s—Old family friends and neighbors from my childhood)

Pg. 56— Grandma’s Day Journal– My Hunter Family Collection

Finally, Inez is here in my own stomping ground. In my childhood, I always knew she was born and raised in Iowa but I did not know the story of how she came to be here. For me, this is the way curiosity is sated. Thankful to read the progression of events in my grandmother’s own words. And what a pain-in-the-rear move it was for them! Must have felt like they were taking the wrong path in life to have so many obstacles. But hind sight is 20/20 and if she were able to ask me, I would point out some things she and Gpa and Gma Reed are accountable for with that Missouri Move. There are children, many grands and great-grands; and that’s just the family aspect. The neighborhood 4-H club that Inez chartered introduced generations of children to life skills, yours truly included. And what about all those years at the helm of Bible School? Caretaker of her grandchildren after school and during the summer so many years. Even raising my cousin after his mother’s passing at an age she and my grandfather should have been enjoying being senior citizens. I feel the influence of her beliefs and values is also most certainly a blessing to all who knew her. So glad my great grandparents and Inez continued on their journey to this little part of the world.

Stretch of road Inez would have frequented after moving to Missouri, Hwy B.

Highway B, Pettis County, Missouri

Just for fun, Inez’s family tree:

Reed, Weter, Davis families

Where in the world would I have been without the sewing lessons she and mother initiated? I have some new quilts on the horizon this year as well as the items I create for the shop. I hope you’ll check in now and then as I continue with the sewing tradition. I’m currently trying to organize those stashes of fabric scraps to make them more manageable and appealing. I’ve even separated them into color schemes. Take a look!

Had the Blues this weekend.


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