Waist Not/ Inez’s Clippings

Contd. from pg 9

Wed. Jan. 8, 1930

I talked to mother this evening. She said that Dean hadn’t gone…..

Page 10,

to school this week as Doris is sick. There is some snow on the ground. It is pretty cold.

Thurs. Jan. 9,1930

We had a regular blizzard today. It drifted quite a lot. I expect the road would have been full if there had been more snow. It is pretty cold too.

Fri. Jan. 10, 1930

I came home this evening. I got a new order from “Sears”. I got a pair of overshoes for Mother’s birthday present but gave it to her in advance.

Sat. Jan. 11, 1930

Dad sawed wood for Geo. Klingensmith today. It snowed quite a lot but the wind didn’t blow it into drifts.

Sun. Jan. 12, 1930

We went over to Grandma Davis’ this P.M. Mother took the waist she had made for grandma for her

Pg. 10 — Grandma’s Day Journal– My Hunter Family Collection

To sum up this page.– Little brother Dean missed school a week as “Doris” was sick. She must’ve been his teacher. Snow storms, but Grandma Inez didn’t miss her chance to go home to open her Sears package. It would seem that her mother needed new over shoes with all the snow piling up. And ‘sawing’ wood for a neighbor–I’m sure for heat or some sort of building project. Either way, it was worth mentioning so I believe it was a charitable act.

The thing that stood out to me personally, because I sew, it the mention of the ‘waist’ made for grandma. In the late 1920’s up to 1930, I had to investigate what a waist referred to. I’m sure the later fashions from New York had not quite made their way to this little town in the middle of Iowa yet. So I searched and found the following examples of what kind of garment might have been gifted Grandma D.

Collage of styles of ‘Waists’ from 1920’s-1930

A new dress was probably quite the thing to receive! And home-made meant you could get alterations if needed–just ask my daughters. 😉 One clear observation is that you have to admit there is not much of a waist to these dresses above. Another thought is that with all that snow falling, I sure hope their homes were warm while always in a dress! Brrrrr! And my last thought is how grateful I am for leggings! giggle

I hope if you are the creative type, this post inspires you to make something for yourself or someone special this coming season! Handmade items are a pleasant surprise, unexpected, one of a kind, and thoughtful just to name a few. Thanks so much for dropping in this week!


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