Dinners and Visits/Inez’sClippings

Page 66

Doll’s for the night. Wed. p.m. we stopped at Edgington’s for a short visit, then we ate supper at Opal’s before going on to Ruth and Floyd Akin’s for the night. Marie and Arlie came over there to visit with us. On Thursday we were at Jensen’s for dinner, then went to Aunt Ann’s to spend the night. Glenn and I took a walk past the old Cochran place where we used to live. On Friday we went to visit Amy and Fred. Hazle and children were there, and they arranged to go back home with us and then on to Archie’s from our place. That night, Fri, was spent with Aunt Cora and Uncle Grant. On Sat. morning we started back to Mo. Stopped at Grace’s for a few minutes. We got home about 4 or 5 o’clock. Everything was ok.——-

Hazle and children stayed with us about a week until Archie came up after them.

We were at home alone for another week, then Mark’s brought Wyce down.

Pg. 66— Grandma’s Day Journal– My Hunter Family Collection

This trip to Iowa was quite the whirlwind of meeting and greeting Glenn’s future relatives. A couple points I can gather from this. First, it seems to me that his character was undauntable being he also came from a very large family. There were 12 children in his own family. So I bet he was completely at ease. Also, he clearly was smitten with Inez. Why else would he drive both Grandma Reed and Inez to Iowa for this long jaunt around central Iowa? I wonder if he was missing work— I’m sure there weren’t paid vacations for farmers back then. Inez picked a good one as they say.

Big families and lots of options of places to stay were an advantage back in the day. No need for a rented motel room. No need to find a restaurant big enough to feed so many. They were used to it. Sunday dinners, especially in summer, were the norm. Making meals that could stretch was just what you did. All the gardening and ‘putting up’ home canned goods for the year was how you got by. My, how times have changed!

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