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By the time this post reaches your screens, we’ll know the outcome of Super Bowl 54. Some of you care and some of you don’t. Around here, we are the ‘care’ variety–and in good company. We live an hour and a half from Arrowhead Stadium so in case you don’t know by now, we love our Kansas City Chiefs. And because I have sold a few Chiefs-type items in the Etsy store, folks figured out that I have some sports-themed fabric in my stash.

Enter my lil’ sister:

Fabric of Choice
Fabric of Choice

A bandana is the request from my sibling. For her dog. And while I’m at it, could we make an extra one? Oh, and then maybe a smaller one too? But of course! All I needed was a reference for the size part. So she gladly provided her current bandana so that I could make a pattern. Between that and researching dog bandana measurements online, we think we came up with the right fit for her dog and her friends’ pooches. And lucky for you, I have a couple pics of the finished products. Aren’t they adorable!

In closing,

“Never give a loved one a gift that suggests they need improvement.”

Life’s Little Instruction Book



  1. We ‘cared’ here too since my husband had season tickets for many, many years. We went to a party and couldn’t find any shirts so I came up with our own. We layered white and red t-shirts and I printed large fabric name labels with the logo. Looked pretty good, and we got quite a few chuckles at our matching shirts. 🙂 We watched the game in ’69 so this only seemed fitting.

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