Sweet Year Before Thee/InezsClippings

I’m starting this post with the clipping from Grandma Inez this week. I think it’s worth remembering we each have done plenty this past year but we each also tend to beat ourselves up just as much on what was not accomplished. But essentially it’s important to focus on how we’ve left things a little better than how we found them. Here’s the clipping Inez felt important enough to save.

Deep thoughts from my grandmother

I hope she took the high road and looked forward to “the sweet year before”. But I’m sure she had her fair share of pain and vexing memories to deal with. Don’t we all?!

I spent the better part of yesterday morning journaling (yes I still use pen and paper) a list of finished ‘creations’ and I’m really thankful for the iphone pics to refer to. Otherwise I’m pretty sure I would have forgotten so much of what I actually finished. All of us doing handmade items are self-critical of those UFO’s(Unfinished Objects). But in the unfinished arena, my most vexing self-critique is my neglect of my Etsy shop. Some years you win and some you just hang on. I had a lot of life events. I’ll quit rehashing and move forward. But before I do, I’m sharing some of last years accomplishments in pictures for your benefit and mine. The collage is more for me though–believe me! Guess it’s my need for validation that I wasn’t loafing. (Did I ever tell you that Green Ridge, Missouri is home of an Annual Loafer’s Convention?) Whatever works, right?!

Left to right from the top–Windsor,Missouri Septemberfest,Thanks Windsor,Mo!–CrazyAnn lap quilt–Chiefs Potato Bag #GoChiefs!–Pineapple mini quilt — Chivas Jersey quilt by request(thanks Frank & Alex for allowing me to do this for you!) — Chiefs bowl cozy (Cozies were biggest seller this year) — Sunbonnet Sue Months of the Year quilt — 1 1/2 hour quilt for Kirsten (thanks for the help Kirsten!!) — Bandana Wedding Ring Lap Quilt (binding this in January ’20) –Mini quilts for Christmas & Spring (headed for the shop) — Precious Moments quilt (In Pinks) binding in progress

So there you have the majority of items in a picture summary. I want to thank those who purchased items from Katy Trail Creations this year both in person and from the shop. I certainly appreciate your patronage! Our best to you and yours in the coming year!!



  1. Lovely quilts! I agree with the unfinished project angst. Crazy to do that to ourselves. My husband had a Grandma Inez too! We have a few things that she made for the kids but no quotes she saved. Happy New Year!

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