To Dam Much Ha–Okinawa/Inez’sClippings

It is good to give thanks to the Lord. Psalm 92:1

Back during WWII, Glenn Hunter had much to be thankful for when it came to food on Thanksgiving. Read his menu below and you’ll see the bounty that was provided for our troops.

To dam much ha

Pardon my grandfather’s spelling skills. He may have only had an 8th grade education at best. I’ll check on that with mother.

Breakfast was a lot of fried food. And I’ve never heard of tomato quiche. Looked up a recipe for it from an online Souther Living article and it honestly looks delicious. You have to be a tomato fan I suppose. But there wouldn’t be many complaints with the choices available for the first meal of the day.

Lunch was the main story. Turkey was mandatory for the American soldier. But the rest? Choices galore! I love how he spelled cranberries and I’m wondering if “Sweet Charken” is Sweet chicken? But it wouldn’t be down by the desserts, so maybe Sweet Gerkens?? Sweet pickles have been a family favorite. But who knows? Anyone out there who has a clue, feel free to share a thought about it.

Glenn had never mentioned his time in Japan to me or around me. I was fairly young when he passed so not a topic he would have discussed with an 8-year old. He did have a sword of sorts hanging over a bedroom door that I was curious enough to question Inez about once. She said it was from Japan. It was not one of the Samurai swords to be perfectly clear. But I felt it held a place of prominence in the home. I recently read that you should point the swords to the door to let the sword stab intruders rather than your family members. It sure sounds like an Oriental tradition but I’m no expert. So don’t take it from me. Do some research if you own one of these. I am sorry to say I don’t know who has this item from Glenn’s past now.

Back in 2019, I was privy to a special arrival from Okinawa. My niece was living there for her husband’s tour of duty. That year she sent home this beautiful vase as a surprise for my sister’s Christmas gift. Think it’s safe to share it now 😉 Just love the handpainted details! Just thought it was a cool way to connect the generations here on Inez’s Clippings.



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