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Previous pg began with ‘All indications” point to the fact that we will probably have a big …….

crowd there. I took the “kids” presents up to the schoolhouse this evening. I got an order this morning.

Sat. Dec. 21, 1929

Well the “Big Event” came off today. I surely was tired. We had quite a large crowd. The seats were all full. Grandma didn’t feel like coming. I came home this evening. I got a bottle of perfume, a necklace, rubber apron and 4 hdkfs(handkerchiefs?) from the “kids”.

Sun. Dec. 22, 1929

We went over to Grandma D’s this afternoon.

Mon. Dec. 23, 1929

We got 7 Christmas cards today.

Tues. Dec. 24, 1929

We got a little tree today. We put our presents at/on our…..

Pg 6 – Grandma’s Day Journal – My Hunter Family Collection

There was a lot of work leading up to that Christmas program. I can’t help but notice there seemed like there was some disappointment in Grandma D not feeling like attending. The clue is in the one liner on Dec. 23 when the only thing mentioned about Grandma was that they went to visit. Not one other detail.

Disappointments come in all shapes and sizes. But not gonna have disappointment to share today. I received a beautiful gift from my niece who’s living in Okinawa on Friday night and I’ve been rarin’ to share with you all! Just you lookie here at what she hand picked for me!!

Straight from Japan

The fabrics from East Asia are so gorgeous with their designs that look hand painted. I’ve always been an admirer of these fabric patterns. And of course a quilt made with these could be so stunning! I was even blessed with the scraps of her own project as well as from her good friend. And I was definitely happy to share some with my mother. I’d say we were both drooling before it was over. haha

Scraps is just an awful word for this loveliness!

And of course I have to share the photo of my niece and her good friend and their handiwork! I’m so proud they reached out to me to discuss how best to get the finishes they wanted for themselves. Always happy to help! Good job young ladies! I think all the grandmothers from the past and present are proud. I know this aunt is 🙂

The great thing is that they are still smiling after the finish! When the next generation takes interest in being creative, you want a happy ending. I think it looks like happiness from here. I’ve enjoyed having your drop-in today. Thanks!


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