More of a Giver/Inez’s Clippings

Just so you understand Grandma’s meaning,

Thurs. Dec. 19, 1929

Our program is getting……(contd.)

From last week’s post.

better. I believe it will be successful, all right. It was colder today, but has got a little warmer by this evening. Our other record of Christmas songs came today. It surely is a pretty one. I talked to mother this evening. She said she had Wyce’s things ready to send, and had got a Christmas dinner invitation to Fae’s.

Fri. Dec. 20, 1929

Tomorrow is the “Big Day” at school. I talked to mother and she said that Grandma Reed wanted to come to the program with them if she isn’t too tired. I hope she can come. “All indications” point to the fact that we will probably have a big …….

Page 5 Grandma’s Day Journal- My Hunter Family Collection

Recently I acquired an email penpal from the eastern part of England. She is living alone, working through that aspect of this pandemic. How would you handle loneliness in this new ‘normal’ we are continuously finding ourselves in? Clearly Grandma didn’t want Wyce to do without during the holidays. So giving gifts is definitely a way to connect. I have a few penpals these days and am considering creating some fabric postcards. If you peruse Instagram or Pinterest, there are many types and I am definitely giving them a consideration. So today, sharing some I’ve taken screenshots of. Are you a card giver or more of a receiver?

For it is in giving that we receive –St. Francis of Assisi


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