Quilting and Club Meeting/ Inez’s Clippings

Page 60

Mother and I were invited to a “quilting” and club meeting at Elmer Alderman’s.

Wed. April 10, 1940 ~~~ Went to the meeting at Aldermans. Had a good dinner and nice time. Over 20 women were there.

Sat. July 6, 1940 ~~~ Went to the show at the Liberty Theater in Sedalia with Glenn Hunter.

Sun. July 7, 1940 ~~~ Attended the Homecoming at …

Pg. 60— Grandma’s Day Journal– My Hunter Family Collection

It’s so good to read about the good times to be had after my grandparents uprooted themselves and started a new life here in Missouri. Quilting is something I can say is a true family tradition and it was a way to bring people together in those days. Most of those club meetings were potluck dinners. I would bet money that meant much recipe and quilt/sewing pattern trading was going on. Not to mention, hearing the latest goings-on around the community.

I have some penpals who have been telling me how they are adjusting to the new normal that we’ve been going through these past couple years. Some of them are in other countries and I’m happy to say the information gathering is still alive and kicking. Trading recipes, quilt patterns, Youtube content, great books to read, where to find great yarn and fabric, how to set up a better sewing space, ways to get more exercise and geneology tracing ideas are just a few modus operandi we share amongst each other. This letter writing is both snail mail and email variety but no matter. The sharing is plentiful and I am a willing recipient. I often wonder how Inez would have used this information we have the luxery of finding so readily.

One of my penpals gave me a whole tour via video of her sewing room. From entering the door to even letting me see where she keeps her fabric stash. It was a beautiful space and very generous of her to share that with me! While I won’t give out tours of my living space (ex-law enforcement life), I will give a peek at what’s being created around here in photos. There are currently 2 main projects ‘in progress’. Here’s one thats has been on standby for several years. Let me reintroduce the A to Z Challenge Quilt of 2017. Tabs at the top can guide you to each block’s entry.

With another winter storm barreling down on us this evening, I’m pretty sure lap-quilting will be a cozy way to occupy my time. Stay cozy wherever you are!


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